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Daily Cash Return (MB21) - the form used by branches (prior to computerisation) to advise the Accounts Department of each day's business. See:
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Branch Statistical Chart - an example of the type of data maintained by the Accounts Department in the early days of the Bank. This chart shows the amount of Deposits and Withdrawals for Bournville branch from March 1923 to August 1925. Withdrawals peak at over 30,000 in July 1925, presumably the annual holiday period for the Cadbury workforce.
Branch Statements of Business - detailed records of each branch's performance were maintained by the Accounts Department on a monthly basis. The following examples show the record for Aston branch from its opening for business in September 1919 to March 1926. The amounts of monthly Deposits and Withdrawals are recorded, plus statistics relating to number of Transactions; New Accounts; Closed Accounts; and Transferred Accounts - the latter presumably referring to accounts transferred from the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank.