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1846 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B30 3AS
021-458 1569
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The reduction in the area of land from 600- to 514-square yards still provided ample land for the Bank's requirements, but did not allow for the erection of another building on the site as originally planned. The newly built branch was formally opened on June 27th  1931, by the Lady Mayoress (Mrs W W Saunders). On the same date, Kings Norton branch was closed and the business transferred to Cotteridge.
The branch opening ceremony - June 27th 1931. The dignitaries assembled at the branch entrance include the Bank's Chairman (Sir Percival Bower). He is flanked by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.
Branch interior in 1931
Pershore Road in 1960
(Photograph courtesy of Alton Douglas:
'Birmingham in the Sixties', published by Brewin Books)
the building is now occupied by Lloyds TSB
The newly completed branch in 1931 
By 1906, housing was beginning to be built south along the Pershore Road from Stirchley towards an area known as 'The Cotteridge'. At the junction of the Pershore Road (A441), Pershore Road South, Middleton Hall Road (B4121), and Watford Road (A4040), a shopping centre for the area was established - close to Kings Norton railway station, which had opened in 1849.
On January 14th 1930, the City Council sanctioned the Bank's purchase of 600 square yards of land fronting onto Pershore Road, Cotteridge. However, when the Town Clerk examined the deeds of the property it was discovered that a strip of land consisting of 86 square yards did not belong to the vendors: the Cotteridge Social Club. In fact, the strip of land belonged to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. The Bank continued with the purchase of the 514 square yards that the Social Club owned, with the price being reduced proportionately at the originally agreed price at 22s 6d per square yard.
(Right: Pershore Road shortly after Cotteridge branch - on the right - was opened. The road junction referred to above is behind the photographer)
Branch Deposit Balances at March 31st:
1946 - £971,744
1947 - £1,038,497
Number of Open Accounts at March 31st:
1947 - 6,577 (Savings: 6,471; Mortgage: 106)
Annual Transactions
- Year Ended March 31st 1947: 39,952
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= location of the branch at 1846 Pershore Road. The junction of the A441 and the A4040 is just to the west. 
1934 - G F Lewis

1958 - J A Duff
1959 & 1960 - T A E Wilner
1961 to 1972 - H A Turner
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