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In 1939, as residential development grew in the area, the Bank commenced negotiations with the City's Estates Department to secure about 550 square yards of land at the corner of Alcester Road South and Hawkhurst Road. At this date, the site was referred to as 'near City Boundary, Alcester Road South'. A report of the Bank's Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee of October 16th 1939 stated that the price of the transfer of this land to the Bank has now been agreed with the Estates Department at 1 per square yard free of roadmaking and town planning charges, the Bank to fence the site on all sides and pay for any necessary footway crossings. Subsequent to this purchase, the General Manager was instructed to consider making arrangements to open a temporary branch on the site in a wooden building. However, in 1940, the Bank's Committee decided that no action should be taken at the present time and that the General Manager was to arrange for the storage of the wooden hut which is in sections, either at the makers or under cover on the vacant land near Head Office.
On July 16th 1943, the General Manager reported as follows:
The Committee will be aware that land was purchased near "The Maypole" in 1940, on which it was intended to erect a permanent branch bank. Circumstances of war prevented a building being erected, and it will be some time before permission is likely to be given.
Requests have been made from time to time for banking facilities to be provided, and recently a further request has been made. In view of the apparent desire for banking facilities, and having regard to the distance to the nearest branch at Brandwood, it is suggested a position might be met by placing a temporary building on land (if one can be procured) or rental of a house or premises until we can provide permanent premises.
A shop unit at 1009 Alcester Road South was used as temporary premises from November 1st 1943, on a full-time, daily basis. This unit was secured on rental for three years from September 29th 1943. The terms were rent 56 per annum, payable quarterly; the Bank to be responsible for Rates, Water Charges, and interior repairs; gas heaters and electric points to be taken over on payment of 2 per year for the duration of the tenancy. The branch was now formally known as 'Maypole'. During the remaining two months of 1943, the following business was transacted:
     Deposits ............................. 5,713
     Withdrawals ....................... 1,000
     New Accounts opened   ....      280
     Number of Transactions  ....  1,179
With the tenancy expiring in September 1946, and an extension not being possible, the Bank examined the future of the branch in July 1945. With considerable housing development expected in the area after the war, it was decided that a permanent branch building (including accommodation) should be erected on the Bank's land. However, the post-war building restrictions prevented this plan from being put into operation. Instead, from 1946, a temporary building was utilised. The Bank's 1946 Annual Report gave the branch's address as just 'Alcester Road South', but the following year the Report specified the address as being at 915 Alcester Road South.
The branch's deposit balances at March 31st 1946 were 137,739.
Original premises at 1009 Alcester Road South in 1943: frontage (left) and interior
Temporary building used from 1946
Two views of the permanent premises (1966)
below: The Lord Mayor (sheltered by an umbrella held by Bert Wilner) opens the new premises on June 17th 1966. The Lord Mayor then unveils the branch's Commemoration Tablet, watched by the Bank's General Manager, Stanley Guy
Branch interior after the official opening:
The Lord Mayor makes an entry in a Cash Book and a Passbook, observed by
(far left) Doug Manners
(near left) Branch Manager Alban Clemons
customer side of the counter (left)
staff side of the counter (right)              
2008: now a branch of Lloyds TSB
Increasing levels of business over the next twenty years led to new premises being built to replace the temporary building; it was formally opened by the Lord Mayor (Alderman H E Tyler, JP) on June 17th 1966. The address then became 2 Hawkhurst Road (telephone: MAYpole 2087, which was amended to that given above in 1974). Maypole became the Bank's fifth permanent branch on the road from Birmingham to Alcester and Redditch, after Kings Heath (1922); Balsall Heath (1922); Moseley (1927); and Brandwood (1933).
1958 - K N Whittaker
1959 - F Hood
1960 & 1961 - K N Whittaker
1963 - C Russ
1965 to 1966 - A Clemons
1967 to 1971 - D G Smith
1972 to 1974 - H I Madeley
1974 - R A Snow
'The Maypole' is an area close to Birmingham's southern boundary, about 5 miles from the city centre, based around a crossroads where a large public house of that name once stood; the district's name is actually Highter's Heath. The crossroads, where a shopping area came to be developed, is at the intersection of the Birmingham to Alcester/Redditch road (A435) and Druids Lane/Maypole Lane - these latter roads forming part of the east/west route from Solihull to Kings Norton. The area north of Maypole Lane was developed for housing after the First World War, but the majority of the housing in this residential area was built after the Second World War. The Bank's attempts to establish a branch in the district were centred on the area just to the north of the Maypole crossroads.
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