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8 Old Oscott Lane, Birmingham B44 8TP
021-360 2107
Perry Beeches (and Pheasey) are first listed as branches in the Bank's Annual Report for 1943; Perry Beeches opening on March 5th and Pheasey on February 20th. Both offices were worked from temporary wooden buildings, as sub-branches of Kingstanding. Pheasey was open for business on Saturday afternoons, while the hours of business of Perry Beeches were:
      Fridays only .... 19:00 to 20:30

The Officer-in-Charge of both branches was Mr H Foster, an employee of the First National Housing Trust. Mr Foster was paid 1 per week for being in charge of both Perry Beeches and Pheasey; he was assisted by another employee of the Trust (Miss F G Lugsden) who was paid 7/6d per week. The branch ledgers and cash were kept at Kingstanding branch when Perry Beeches was not open.
The First National Housing Trust was a major builder of houses in Birmingham prior to the Second World War, and also built 3,246 houses on the Pheasey Estate - a development just outside the city's boundary, in Aldridge Urban District Council. The Trust erected the wooden huts used for both branches, the cost being met by the Bank.
On the opening day, 12 new accounts were opened, 31 deposits taken totalling 219. 1. 0d, and 18 Corporation Accounts dealt with. By the end of March, 38 accounts had been opened.

The branch's initial address was listed as Thornbridge Avenue/Hassop Road.

The branch's 1-hour opening was commenced at an earlier time on Fridays from January 4th 1946, when they were amended to 18:30 to 20:00. This change was a consequence of the general revision of branch opening hours that replaced the emergency arrangements that existed during the Second World War.
With Friday being the only day that the branch opened, an unusual situation occurred in 1950 when the Annual Balance date of March 31st fell on a Friday. As the whole branch network was closed on that date and on Good Friday (April 7th), Perry Beeches would have been unavailable to depositors between March 24th and April 14th. Consequently, the branch was opened specially on Tuesday, April 4th from 18:30 to 20:00
These very limited hours were not extended until January 28th 1955:
    Tuesdays .... 11:00 to 13:00
    Fridays ........ 18:00 to 20:00
when the branch's address was amended to 8 Old Oscott Lane. The relocation became necessary when the site at Thornbridge Avenue had to be vacated. However, the Bank had already purchased (in 1948) a freehold site immediately adjoining Co-operative Society shops, that comprised approximately 767 square yards, at the corner of Aldridge Road and Old Oscott Lane. The Bank paid 35 for the plot, this sum representing the existing use value of the land; the claim for loss of development value being retained by the vendors.

The branch continued to trade at the new site from a wooden building. At around this time, the Bank placed contracts for 'temporary and portable branch buildings' with the following specialist contractors:
    - Harrison Smith Buildings Ltd
    - Grosvenor Workman (Sawmills) Ltd
In common with all branches, the Friday evening opening was amended to 17:00 to 19:00 in 1959.
A telephone (number GREat Barr 1135) was not installed into these temporary premises until February 1961.

Two years later (from Thursday, January 3rd 1963), the hours of business were extended to:
    Thursdays ..... 10:00 to 15:00
    Fridays .......... 10:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 19:00
    Saturdays ..... 10:00 to 11:30

The Bank's 1966 Annual Report states that Perry Beeches is now open daily. However, the branch is still located in temporary premises.

The branch's telephone number was amended to 021-360 2107 in 1973.

The branch was closed after 1979, the building removed, and a pair of semi-detached houses were built on the site.
Branch Deposit Balances at March 31st:
1946 - 13,274
1947 - 16,839
Open Accounts at March 31st 1947:
Deposit Accounts - 449
Mortgage Accounts - 1
Transactions - Year Ended March 31st 1947: 3,333
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= location of branch from 1955 at the corner of Aldridge Road and Old Oscott Lane
1943 - H Foster (Officer-in-Charge)
1965 - A J Smith
1966 to 1967 - E A Stewart
1968 to 1969 - A E Young
1970 & 1971 - J A Allkins
1972 - J D Briden
1974 - J G Bayes
1976 - J H Winterbottom