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604 College Road, Erdington, Birmingham B44 0HX
021-373 1247
The permanent branch (the 44th to be opened) started with the 1,472 accounts (with balances amounting to 17,300) that had been acquired in the temporary premises. At the official opening ceremony held on Saturday, July 4th 1931, the Bank's Chairman (Sir Percival Bower) reviewed the history of the Bank, including the fact that total credit balances now stood at 13,075,000. He commented that the Bank was a wonderful organisation, built up for the benefit of the citizens of Birmingham. It was a Bank that belonged to the community, he said, there were no paid directors, and those charged with the responsibility of maintaining its efficiency gave their services ungrudgingly for the common good.
The Lord Mayor (Alderman W W Saunders) performed the official opening ceremony, and before unveiling the commemoration tablet inside the new premises, he addressed the topic of thrift amongst young people, and expressed the hope that the new branch would help them to lay a foundation-stone for their future. The address of the permanent branch was 604 College Road.
below (July 4th 1931):
The Lord Mayor arriving at the recently completed premises for the official opening ceremony
The distinguished guests, and a small crowd,  assemble for the branch's opening ceremony
The branch's opening ceremony continues inside the premises
the former Perry Common branch, situated at the corner of College Road (left) and
Brackenbury Road (right), exhibits a sign inviting tenants for the Ground Floor accommodation; the estate agent is advertising it as 1,128-square-feet of showroom/office accommodation.
In 1926, the Bank purchased 510 square yards of land fronting on to Witton Lodge Road, Perry Common - on the then northern outskirts of the city. The Perry Common Estate, in the Erdington suburb of Birmingham, was created when the Corporation built almost 1,500 houses in the 1920s.

In common with starts at other branches at this time, a wooden building was used to provide a service on Mondays and Saturdays at 18:00 to 20:00. The address for this 'Evening Branch' was 87 Witton Lodge Road, and business commenced on December 4th 1926.

The extensive development of house building in the Perry Common and Perry Barr districts resulted in the Bank seeking a better location than Witton Lodge Road. A site at the corner of Brackenbury Road and College Road was deemed suitable for the erection of a permanent branch, and was purchased from the Estates Department. The Witton Lodge Road site, therefore, became surplus to the Bank's requirements and was sold to the Estates Department for the original price paid: 15s per square yard.
1934 - J C W Brown
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= location of permanent branch at the corner of College Road and Brackenbury Road
= location of initial branch at 87 Witton Lodge Road