21 Maney Corner, Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands B72 1QL               021-354 1981
below:           the temporary premises in
St Peter's Hall, Maney,Sutton Coldfield,
used as a branch from June 24th 1935 
the permanent branch - opened July 13th 1936
Right: The Mayor of Sutton Coldfield speaking at the official
opening of the branch. To the Mayor's right are the Bank's
Chairman (Councillor A H Cooper) and General Manager (J P Hilton)
Councillor Terry addressing the assembled crowd in the branch after the opening ceremony
Business progressing on the branch's opening day
Left (left to right):
- Councillor A H Cooper;
- the Mayor & Mayoress of Sutton;
- the Lord Mayor of Birmingham
Prior to the official opening ceremony on July 13th 1936,
the invited guests are addressed by
the Mayor of Sutton Coldfield (below left), and
the Lord Mayor of Birmingham (below right)
1937 - S F Jones
1958 to 1960 - B P Hayward
1961 to 1965 - C E Harper
1966 to 1967 - H E Whitehead
1969 to 1974 - F C Batstone
The Royal Borough of Sutton Coldfield is located approximately 6 miles north of Birmingham, and was merged with its larger neighbour in 1974 - thus officially confirming its de facto status as a dormitory suburb of Birmingham. Its popularity as an upmarket residential suburb increased after the town was linked to Birmingham by rail in 1862, and the previously small rural town gradually attracted the middle classes and the wealthy during the 20th-century.
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= location of branch at 21 Maney Corner, Birmingham Road
the premises formerly occupied by Sutton Coldfield branch is now utilised by a firm of solicitors, but the original doors appear to have been retained.
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Following negotiations in 1935 between Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield (and much heated discussion within Sutton, as reported in the local press), the Bank purchased a freehold plot of land fronting to Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield - near to the junction of Holland Road. The site comprised approximately 472 square yards, and cost 575. The Bank then commenced the building of a permanent branch. In the meantime (from June 24th 1935), a branch was operated on a daily basis at the nearby St Peter's Hall, Maney. The branch was formally opened at 21 Maney Corner on July 13th 1936, by the Mayor of Sutton Coldfield (Councillor W A Perry). The architect for the new building was Harry W Weedon, ARIBA, of 84 Colmore Row, Birmingham; and the construction was carried out by J Emlyn Williams.
Sutton Coldfield was the second permanent branch (after Oldbury) to be opened outside the City's boundaries.

The architect for the project, H W Weedon, estimated that the cost of construction for the branch would be 3,000. Nine tenders were received for the building contract ranging from 3,340 (J Emlyn Williams) to 3,795. J Emlyn Williams proposed to complete the contract in six months; accordingly, the contract was awarded to him and signed on October 19th 1935. As reported in the Bank's Minutes, delays incurred with the work and the Committee concluded that the architect was to blame. The permanent branch was opened nine months after the contract was formally signed. H W Weedon was not used for any other Bank projects.