Premises - All Branches
Extracts from the Minutes of Committees and Sub-Committees
relating to the premises used in the Bank's branch network

Bank Committee: August 29th 1919


The Manager reported that ....

J Parr instructed to do sign writing on windows and notice boards.

Electric Supply, tender received for Heating and Lighting.

Garrett & Lee, 5 Sign boards ordered at 14/6d each.

H J Hookham & Sons - Tender for Cabinets.


311 RESOLVED:- That the tenders for heating and lighting from the Electric Supply Department and for Cabinets from Messrs H J Hookham & Sons be referred to the Chairman and Manager to deal with.


Bank Committee: September 22nd 1919


Report of Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Filing Cabinets.

Your Sub-Committee have authorised the Manager to purchase 12 steel filing cabinets at the cost of £29. 18. 0. per dozen, less 2½%.


Bank Committee: November 3rd 1919


The Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee presented the following report:

Protection for Branch Superintendents.

With a view to affording protection to the Branch Superintendents, your Sub-Committee have authorised to supply each of them with a revolver.


Bank Committee: December 1st 1919


Report of the Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee:


Your Sub-Committee have had under consideration the need for adding to the security of the Branch Bank premises, and have requested the Chairman of the Bank Committee and the Manager to deal with the matter.


Bank Committee: January 5th 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Security of Premises.

Your Sub-Committee have had under consideration the question of the security of Branch Bank premises. An inspection of the various Branch Banks has been made by the Manager and Assistant Chief Constable, and a Report was submitted setting out the various disadvantages which exist in this connection at the respective Branches, and the improvements suggested.


They have referred the matter to the Chairman of the Committee, the Chairman of your Sub-Committee and the Manager, with power to take such action as they may deem necessary.


Bank Committee: February 2nd 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Safe Custody of cash, Branches.

Your Sub-Committee have considered the question of the transit of cash from the Branches to Head Office on Saturday evenings, and have instructed the Manager to consult with the Deputy Chief Constable as to the safest course to adopt.


Bank Committee: February 2nd 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Delivery of Safes to Branches.

The Committee will remember that at the opening of the Bank in September it was necessary to make arrangements for the loan of temporary safes from Messrs Withers & Co pending there being able to supply the safes selected for this purpose.


Messrs Withers & Co have been charged by the Carriers, Messrs Day Bros, the sum of £22. 10/-d. for this work, which involved double journeys to all of the Branches. As a result of interviews the Manager has had with Messrs Withers & Co, an agreement has been arrived at for the Bank to pay £12. 10/-d. Messrs Withers & Co agreeing to find the rest of the charges.


Bank Committee: February 2nd 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Security of Branch Bank premises.

Members of the Committee have, since the last meeting, visited the Branch Banks with the view of adopting measures for the safe custody of the cash and the better protection of the staff. The reports of the Manager and Assistant Chief Constable have been considered and certain directions given thereon as follows:

Handsworth        Larger signs and better lighting to be arranged.

Lozells               The tender of Mr L G Jones for alterations amounting to £70. 10. 0d. to be accepted

                                 and the work proceeded with at once. Cellar to be bricked up in three places.

                            Strong iron bar to be fixed over the door.

Duddeston          Better locks to be fixed on two doors and bars across one glass door.

Small Heath        Bars to be put across one door and window, and an iron plate over the other.

                             Better locks to be fixed. Safe to be raised two feet from floor.

Sparkbrook         More adequate premises to be obtained.

Ladywood           Safe to be built in counter. Window to be frosted. Iron plate to be fixed over door.

Saltley                 Larger signs to be arranged and better lighting.

Hay Mills             Windows to be made full use of for advertising purposes.

Acocks Green     Larger signs and better lighting.

Rotton Park         Larger signs and better lighting.


The following branches were not visited: Selly Oak, Northfield, Kings Heath, Erdington, Harborne and Bearwood.


The Chief Constable has notified the police covering the whole area to pay particular attention to the Bank premises and has issued a full list of Police Stations with telephone numbers.


Having regard to the continued raids on Banks and Post Offices, it might be desirable to fix a bell outside each daily Branch, which can be operated from inside by the foot.


Bank Committee: March 1st 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Safe custody of cash at Branches.

Your Sub-Committee report that for the time being the Insurance Policies taken out in respect of the Branches have been increased. Further enquiries are being made as to the desirability of transferring cash to the Head Office during weekends and a Report on the matter will be submitted later.

432 RESOLVED:- That the Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee be approved.


Bank Committee: December 20th 1920


691 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:

Heating etc: of Branches.

An exhaustive inspection has recently been made of the Branches by certain Members of your Sub-Committee and the Manager, with a view to ascertaining their requirements as regards heating and lighting. Several Branches are in urgent need of improvements in these respects, and at their last Meeting your Sub-Committee had before them a Report of the Manager containing a summary of the improvements proposed as a result of the inspection referred to.


From the information before them your Sub-Committee arrived at the following general conclusions:

(1) That electric heating is not a satisfactory method, being found to be less economical than gas and having regard to the nature of the business.

(2) To obviate certain Branches appearing closed during business hours that vestibules should be constructed and the outer door left open.

(3) That where the premises are only in the nature of temporary premises or are otherwise fairly satisfactorily heated, additional warmth should be provided by oil stoves.


Your Sub-Committee now, therefore, recommend that the following steps be taken at the Branches indicated:

(1) That the Architect (Mr McMichael) be requested to advise on the question of heating at Sparkbrook Branch, in view of the alterations now being carried out, and that in the meantime suitable oil stoves be installed to carry over the Winter.

(2) That gas heating be introduced at Aston, Lozells, Rotton Park; Ladywood & Hay Mills, Small Heath.

(3) That oil stoves be installed at Balsall Heath these being in the nature of temporary premises.

(4) That vestibules be fixed at Aston (estimated cost £21) Rotton Park (estimated cost £26. 10. 0) Ladywood (£21) Aston Cross (£21) & Duddeston (£21) and that an outer gate be supplied at Small Heath.

(5) That the heating of the Saltley premises be arranged when the extension of same is carried out.

(6) That oil stoves be introduced into such of the Evening Branches as require additional heating.

(7) That the Electric Supply Department be asked to consent to the cancellation of the agreements in cases where it is advisable to substitute gas heating.

(8) That the Gas Department be asked to consent to the cancellation of the permanent hire agreements and to substitute the hire purchase system.


694 RESOLVED:- That the recommendations of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee as regards the Heating of Branches and other improvements thereto, as set out in the foregoing Report be adopted, and that the Manager be instructed to take the necessary steps for giving effect thereto.


Bank Committee: May 23rd 1921


The Manager reported that the Dunlop Rubber Co had again approached him with regard to a Thrift Scheme being instituted in conjunction with the Bank. The Scheme was identical with the one proposed twelve months ago, but the Company were not now prepared to add anything to the interest allowed by the Bank.


827 RESOLVED:- That the Dunlop Rubber Co be informed that the Bank have established numerous Branches in the City and propose to still further develop on these lines, that in the Committee's opinion such facilities are meeting the requirements of the general public; and that they could not see their way to undertake the working of such a scheme as that now proposed.


Bank Committee: January 16th 1922


Report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee:

Provision of Counter Screens.

Your Sub-Committee are of opinion that at least one counter-screen should be provided at each of the branches of the Bank. With the exception of Sparkbrook there is no privacy in connection with transactions and it is thought that the provision of division screens would remedy this defect and would be much appreciated by depositors.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that the Finance Sub-Committee be authorised to obtain tenders for the supply and fixing of an adequate number of counter screens at all branches.


1032 RESOLVED:- That the Finance Sub-Committee be authorised to obtain tenders for the supply and fixing of an adequate number of counter screens at the Branches, reporting their recommendations in the matter in due course.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 20th 1922


Provision of Counter Screens at Branches

In accordance with the instructions of the Committee this matter has had attention and the estimate of Mr L G Jones, for the provision of 20 Counter Screens at £1. 10. 6. each has been accepted.


Bank Committee: March 20th 1922


1083 RESOLVED:- That the question of Branch sites on areas to be developed by the Housing and Estates Committee be referred to the General Purposes Sub-Committee for consideration and report.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 15th 1922


Supply of Lead Lights:

The tender of Messrs Pearce & Cutler has been accepted at £109. 5. 0. for the supply of Lead Lights for windows at 5 of the Branches. Your Sub-Committee now ask that their action in the matter be confirmed.


Bank Committee: May 15th 1922


1145 RESOLVED:- That the action of the General Purposes Sub-Committee in accepting the tender of Messrs Pearce and Cutler at the sum of £109. 5. 0. for the supply of lead lights to certain branches be confirmed.


Bank Committee: October 16th 1922


1236a The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:

Branch Premises.

Your Sub-Committee have given careful thought to the question of greater security and privacy in dealing with cash at Branches and other matters and have given directions as follows:

(1) That where the space will permit counters of approximately 4 feet wide will be installed at the permanent branches.

(2)  That suitable enclosures (or pens) be provided for the cashiers at branches.

(3)  That telephone connection be arranged at the permanent Branches so that communication can be quickly obtained to Head Office, the Police Station or the Fire Station. The Manager has been requested to obtain reduced terms if possible for such restricted service.

(4)  That suitable plates giving the address of the Head Office be fixed at all permanent branches, and footplates advertising the Bank to the vestibule doors.


1243 RESOLVED: That the report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee be approved and the various actions therein referred to be confirmed.


Bank Committee: December 18th 1922


1284 The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:

Telephones at Branches.

Your Sub-Committee are of opinion that telephones should be installed at all daily branches. The General Manager has been in communication with the Post Office Telephones with a view to obtaining a reduction in their tariff rates in respect of a restricted service, but has been informed that they could not see their way to reduce their charges, which would be an annual rental of £8 per instrument, plus payment for calls.


Your Sub-Committee are of opinion that the installation is very necessary at the daily branches to enable a Branch Manager to get into communication with Head Office and with other Branch Managers, and in the case of emergency, with the Police and Fire Stations. They therefore recommend your Committee to authorise the installation of telephones at all daily branches at the charges referred to, also to instruct the Town Clerk to enter into any agreement necessary with the Post Office Telephones.


RESOLVED:- That a telephone be installed at each Daily Branch, the instruments to be used only for communication between Head Office and Branches, between one Branch and another, or to the Fire or Police Stations.


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