Premises - Kings Heath
The Minutes reproduced below have been extracted from the records of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees. The Minutes cover the early years of the Bank when a branch network was being established.

Kings Heath branch was initially established in a room in the  Kings Heath and Moseley Institute (below left), on a part-time basis from September 1st 1919,  before being transferred to the High Street in June 1920. A permanent branch was opened on this new site on April 24th 1922, but was replaced with a reconstruction that was opened on June 2nd 1928.

Kings Heath

Bank Committee: August 29th 1919

The Manager reported the terms for engagement of a room at the King's Heath Institute viz: £40 per annum inclusive.


Bank Committee: December 1st 1919

Report of the Publicity Sub-Committee:



Negotiations are in progress with the Electric Supply Department for the renting of a portion of their premises in High Street, King's Heath, for use as a Branch Bank, and the matter will be brought before your Committee again in due course.

381 RESOLVED:- That the Report of the Publicity Sub-Committee be approved.


Bank Committee: January 5th 1920

Report of the Publicity Sub-Committee:


Kings Heath.

With reference to negotiations that have been in progress with the Electric Supply Department for the renting of premises in High Street, Kings Heath, your Sub-Committee report that, owing to a previous arrangement, the Electric Supply Department are unable to let these premises to the Bank.


Enquiries are being made with a view to obtaining more suitable premises than those at present in use at the Institute, and your Sub-Committee will report further at a later date.


Bank Committee: February 2nd 1920

Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:


Premises, King's Heath.

The Committee are aware that the present Branch Bank premises at the Institute are unsatisfactory and enquiries have now been made as to premises Nos 73 & 73a High Street, which are situated in the midst of the shopping centre and are suitable in other respects. The property which is freehold, could probably be acquired for about £1,750 and immediate possession could be obtained of the premises, with the exception of a retail lock-up shop with cellar at No 73, which is let on a quarterly tenancy.


Your Sub-Committee, in view of the difficulty of obtaining suitable premises in this locality, are of opinion that it may be desirable to purchase this property, and let off the portion not required for Branch Bank purposes, but have instructed the Manager to obtain further particulars in order that he may lay a definite proposal before your Committee to-day.


With reference to the paragraph in the Report as to Nos 73 and 73a High Street, King's Heath, the Manager reported that he had received an offer from the agent of the owner, who was prepared to sell the property for £1775.


It was pointed out that the portion of the premises not required for Bank purposes could probably be let at £80 per annum, tenant paying rates.


414 RESOLVED:- That, subject to the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee being satisfied with a valuation of the property to be made by Mr Lancaster, the Housing & Estates Committee be requested to take the necessary steps to purchase the premises Nos 73 and 73a High Street, Kings Heath, at the sum of £1775.


Bank Committee: March 1st 1920

Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:


King's Heath Premises.

In accordance with the instruction contained in Minute No 414 of the Bank Committee a Special Meeting was held on Thursday, February 5th to consider a Report of the Superintendent Valuer with regard to the premises in question.


On consideration of this Report, your Committee were of opinion that the price asked for the property (£1775) was reasonable, and as the offer only remained open until the following day (February 6th) they directed the Manager to notify the Agent of its acceptance.


A communication was forwarded to the Housing & Estates Committee asking for their confirmation of your Sub-Committee's action, and the following Minute with reference thereto has now been received:

"1925. RESOLVED:- That the Council be recommended to purchase the properties in Stratford Road and High Street, King's Heath, for branch bank purposes, the Bank Committee to pay be way of rent all outgoings in connection therewith until such time as they are in a position to take the properties over, and that the difference, if any the remaining be credited to the Bank Committee."


Your Sub-Committee now ask that their action in this matter be confirmed.


430 RESOLVED:- That the action taken by the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee in regard to the property Nos 73 and 73a High Street, Kings Heath, referred to in the foregoing Report, be confirmed.


Bank Committee: March 29th 1920

Report of the Finance & General Purposes Committee:


73 & 73a High Street, Kings Heath.

The Vendor's Solicitors have been notified to serve notice to quit on the tenant of No 73, but there is some doubt as to the validity of the existing tenancy, and it may be that possession will not be obtainable until Lady Day next. Mr Wilde thinks that the matter may be amicably arranged by an exchange of shops; and this matter will be further gone into after the Easter Holidays.


Mr Wilde is of opinion that the back portion of the premises should be let with the living accommodation; and your Sub-Committee recommend that instructions be given for the best rental possible to be obtained.


452 RESOLVED:- That the Manager be instructed to take the necessary steps to let the back portion of No 73 High Street, Kings Heath, referred to in the foregoing Report, on the best terms possible.


Bank Committee: May 3rd 1920

On Minute No 430 the Town Clerk presented the following Report:


Premises 73 & 73a, High Street, King's Heath

Cowen to the Corporation.

I have to report that the purchase from Mr Walter Cowan of the above freehold property for the sum of £1775 has been completed.


Bank Committee: May 14th 1920

The Manager reported that an offer had been received from Mr Wm Lane of Messrs Lane and Payne to lease for a period of four years a portion of the premises Nos 73 and 73a High Street, Kings Heath, at a rental of £80 per annum plus rates. He would also be prepared to take over the lock-up shop at No 73a at an additional rental of £35 per year if and when desired.


499 RESOLVED:- That the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare and affix the Corporation Seal to the necessary Agreement with Messrs Wm Lane & Payne for leasing to them the portion of the premises Nos 73 and 73a High Street, Kings Heath, referred to in Mr Wilde's letter of 14th May 1920, for a period of four years at a rental of £80 per annum, plus rates.


Bank Committee: June 7th 1920

512 On Minute No 499 the Town Clerk reported that the Ministry of Health proposed to hold an Inquiry on the question of the purchase of the High St King's Heath property. He was obtaining further particulars to submit to the Ministry in the matter.


Bank Committee: August 30th 1920

568 On Minute No 499, the following Report of the Town Clerk was received:


73 and 73a High Street, Kings Heath

Lease to Wm Lane and Pyne

I have to report that in accordance with the above Minute, I have completed a lease of the above premises to Messrs Wm Lane & Pyne for a period of 5 years from the 24th day of June 1920 at the yearly rent of £80.


569 RESOLVED:- That the Report be approved.

Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 13th 1921


Kings Heath premises.

It was pointed out that the tenancy of the larger shop, No 73 High Street, would expire on the 24th June instant, and it would then be possible to deal with the question of the necessary increased accommodation at this Branch. The business of the Bank is at present conducted in the adjacent shop, which is very narrow and inadequate for the needs of the Branch.


476 RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to obtain a Report from Mr McMichael (Architect) as to the best method of altering the building for the purposes of the Bank with a view to opening same as a Daily Branch.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 7th 1921




The question of providing additional facilities at certain branches now open during evening hours only has been under consideration. The additional staff provides an opportunity for carrying out this policy a little earlier than would have been recommended in the ordinary development of the Bank. The branches which have shown a satisfactory development during the past twelve months are as set out below:-



No. of open


No. of transactions

during the year

Amount due

to Depositors



during the year












Kings Heath










(These figures relate to the position as ascertained at the 31st March last.)


In the case of Bearwood the premises are let to the Bank on a yearly tenancy, and the same rent and rates would be payable whether used during the evenings only or as a daily branch. The success of this Branch is due, in the Manager's opinion, to the enthusiasm of the Clerk-in-charge, Mr C Danks. The books are kept in a first-rate manner, and the Branch stands out prominently as a well conducted evening branch. It is recommended to offer Mr Danks the appointment on the branch becoming a daily branch, on the terms applicable to Grade B.


In the case of Harborne, the branch is conducted in the Public Library, which is an unsatisfactory arrangement. Up to the present it has not been possible to obtain other premises. It is therefore proposed to continue as at present at Harborne until suitable premises are obtained, when the branch could then be made into a daily branch.


In the case of Kings Heath, the premises were purchased by the Bank, and as a temporary arrangement the business has been carried on in a very narrow shop which was originally a gateway entrance. Mr McMichael has been instructed to report upon the premises, and to advise the Committee how the same can be made into a suitable Bank. It is felt that the most appropriate time to open this branch as a daily branch will be when the structural alterations have been made.


In the case of Erdington, the premises are suitable for a daily branch. The same rent and rates are payable whether used as a daily or an evening branch. It is recommended that this branch be opened daily as and from the 1st September next.

(July 7th 1921)


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committees: July 11th 1921


On Minute No 476 (73 High Street, Kings Heath) it was -

484 RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to instruct the Town Clerk to take the necessary steps for obtaining possession of No 73 High Street, Kings Heath, required for extending the Bank premises.


486 RESOLVED:- That the Manager's Report be approved and the General Committee recommended to authorise the opening of Erdington and Bearwood Branches as Daily Branches as and from 1st September next and Kings Heath Branch when the increased accommodation is available.




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