Premises - Duddeston
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period up to October 1939, which include
 the early years of the Bank as a branch network was being established.
Duddeston branch was opened on a part-time basis on September 1st 1919, the property utilised being  a former public house.
After refurbishment, the same property was opened as a permanent branch on March 17th 1923.

Bank Committee: August 29th 1919


The Manager reported that ....


R Hunt instructed to do all necessary repairs at Duddeston Branch, vice Estates Department.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 2nd 1920


Special Report of the Manager to the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:


The "hold ups" which have recently been reported at various Banks compel me to draw your urgent attention to the unsatisfactory condition of several of your premises, and to urge that immediate steps be taken to secure the safety of both money and staff.


In accordance with your previous decision, I have supplied each Branch Superintendent and the Chief Cashier at Head Office with a revolver and the necessary ammunition, and instructions to its use have been given by Mr Carver, one of the Superintendents and an ex-officer of His Majesty's Forces. I have further thought it advisable to provide police whistles.


With regard to the premises, I have thought it advisable to report upon each one separately as follows:


Duddeston. These premises (used on alternate days) consist of a shop front and living accommodation. The latter is sub-let. Access to other rooms behind is available. There is reasonable protection here, but it might be made more secure by bars across the doors on the inside.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 2nd 1920


[Extract from Report of the Assistant Chief Constable, regarding the security of premises, on a visit of inspection that had been made to branches on December 17th 1919]


Duddeston. Two inner doors should have proper locks on, and one should have bars across. Lamp outside should be lit.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 20th 1920


Security of Branch Banks. Members of the Committee have, since the last meeting, visited the Branch Banks with the view of adopting measures for the safe custody of the cash and the better protection of the staff. The reports of the Manager and Assistant Chief Constable been considered and certain directions given thereon as follows:


Duddeston. Better locks to be fixed on two doors and bars across one glass door.


The Chief Constable has notified the police covering the whole areas to pay particular attention to the Bank premises and has issued a full list of Police Stations with telephone numbers.


Having regard to the continued raids on banks and Post Offices, it might be desirable to fix a bell outside each daily Branch, which can be operated from inside by the foot.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 26th 1920


The Manager presented the following Report:


Special Report on Saltley and Duddeston Branches.


I have for some time given serious consideration to the problem of working these two Branches so as to give greater facilities to the public, and to secure greater efficiency in the Management.


Mr Crump has proved himself a very enthusiastic official, and has shown he can procure the money and clientele, but he is not a book-keeper. I further do not think it wise to continue serving these two Branches with a female assistant for several reasons.


Duddeston is essentially a district which ought to be accommodated with a Saturday opening, while Saltley cannot expand on its limited openings. The present arrangements are as follows:


Duddeston:   Mondays        12 to 2:30      and     5:30 to 7:30

                       Wednesdays 12 to 2:30

                       Fridays           12 to 2:30       and    5:30 to 7:30


Saltley:           Tuesdays      12 to 2:30

                       Thursdays     10 to 1:00

                       Saturdays      10 to 1:00       and     5:30 to 7:30


The cost in wages is:           Mr Crump      250

                                            Mrs Shale      120




To give an extra opening at Duddeston on Saturday from 5:30 to 7:30 and a Monday evening at Saltley, two assistants would be required at 5/- each per attendance.


Both Branches have shown a steady business, and are too near alike to justify turning one into an evening branch only. In fact I think that procedure would be dangerous.


The ultimate position would work out as follows:


Duddeston:  Mondays        10 to 2:30       Crump and Assistant

                                           5:30 to 7:30   Assistant & Evening Asst.

                       Wednesdays 10 to 2:30       Crump and Assistant

                       Fridays           10 to 2:30       Crump and Assistant

                                               5:30 to 7:30               ditto

                       Saturday        5:30 to 7:30   Assistant & an Evening Assistant


Saltley:          Monday          12 to 2:30       Crump and an Evening Assistant

                       Tuesday         10 to 2:30       Crump and Assistant

                       Thursday       10 to 1:00                  ditto

                       Saturday        10 to 1:00                  ditto

                                               5:30 to 7:30   Crump & an Evening Assistant


The cost of this scheme would be:            Crump            250

                                                                   Assistant       200

                                                                    2 Juniors*      50


* really evening assistants.


If on the other hand you think it desirable to open both Branches as Daily Branches, there would be no further expense in rent, rates, etc while the cost in wages by using two youths of 18 years of age, would only be increased by 100 per annum. I think we ought to make as much use of premises we are paying for as we can.


170    RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to open the Saltley Branch on Monday and the Duddeston Branch on Saturday: to place the book-keeping of these branches in the hands of a good male clerk acting under the general control of Mr Crump, the Branch Manager: and to empower the Chairman and Bank Manager to make such other arrangements in connection therewith as they may consider desirable.


Bank Committee: March 29th 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Committee:


Saltley & Duddeston Branches.


Your Sub-Committee have considered a Report of the Manager as to the desirability of giving greater facilities to the public at these Branches and as to securing greater efficiency in the management. They recommend that the Saltley Branch be opened on Monday and Duddeston on Saturday, and that the bookkeeping of these two branches should be placed in the hands of a good male Clerk acting under the general control of Mr Crump; also that the Chairman and Manager be empowered to make such other arrangements in connection therewith as they may consider desirable.


457 RESOLVED:- That arrangements be made for opening the Saltley Branch on Monday and the Duddeston Branch on Saturday; that the book-keeping of these Branches be placed in the hands of a good male clerk acting under the general control of Mr Crump; and that the Chairman and Manager be empowered to make such other arrangements in connection therewith as they may consider desirable.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: April 23rd 1920


189 The Manager reported that enquiries had been made with reference to premises at Camp Hill and Great Lister Street, but the negotiations had fallen through in each case.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 4th 1920


With reference to the premises in Great Lister Street used for a Branch Bank, the Manager stated that the Executive of Walter Hollis, deceased, were desirous of disposing of the property.


239    RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to instruct Mr Wilde to make enquiries in the matter and report thereon.


Bank Committee: July 5th 1920


533 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


117 and 118 Great Lister Street


The owner of the above premises having recently died, her executors have decided to sell the same.


No 117 is occupied by the Bank as regards the front room and a room immediately behind, for which a payment is made of 52 per annum, plus proportion of rates. The living accommodation has been sub-let to Mr Martin, who was the former tenant, at 10/- per week, plus proportion of rates.


No 118 is a dwelling-house which was let at 10/6d. per week and is now vacant.


The property is freehold, with frontage to Great Lister Street and Little Francis Street, and in the opinion of the Banks' Valuer is in fair condition, having regard to the age of the property. Mr Wilde was of opinion that a fair price would be 1,000.


As the executors were pressing for a decision in the matter, the Manager after consultation with the Chairman, instructed the valuer to negotiate and if possible secure the premises for the figure mentioned. This has since been done, and a draft contract has been received from the Solicitors, Messrs Thomas Guest and Pearson. Your Sub-Committee now ask that the action of the Chairman in this matter be confirmed, and recommend that the Housing & Estates Committee be asked to complete the purchase on behalf of the Bank, as in other cases.


Mr Martin, the sub-tenant of No 117 referred to, has given one week's notice to terminate his tenancy; and the Sub-Committee recommend, subject to the Manager being satisfied in the matter that the same be sub-let to Mr Charles Machin who with his family have been lodging with Mr Martin for some time. Mr Machin formerly resided at No 118 (which is now vacant).


534 RESOLVED:- That the action of the Chairman in regard to the property Nos 117 and 118 Great Lister Street be confirmed; and that the Housing and Estates Committee be requested to take the necessary steps to purchase the premises referred to at the sum of 1,000, on the lines indicated in the foregoing Report, and to instruct the Town Clerk to prepare and seal any necessary documents in the matter.


Bank Committee: July 23rd 1920


The Manager stated that he had made enquiries with regard to Mr Charles Machin, the prospective tenant of No 117 Great Lister Street, and it appeared that he would be a satisfactory occupant of the premises.


558 RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to let the available portion of the above premises to Mr Machin at a rent of 10/- per week, no sub-letting to be allowed without the consent of this Committee.


Bank Committee: July 23rd 1920


The Manager reported that alternative accommodation in the Great Lister Street premises had been offered to the present tenant of No 299 Monument Road, but the arrangement had not up to the present been accepted.


564 RESOLVED:- That Councillors Ward and Gelling be requested to view the available premises in Great Lister Street and if satisfied that such premises offer good alternative accommodation to the tenant of Monument Road to instruct the Manager to take the necessary steps for the transfer to be effected.


Bank Committee: August 30th 1920


On Minute No 558, the Manager reported that the premises No 117 Gt Lister Street had now been let to Mr Machin on the terms authorised.


576 RESOLVED:- That Minute No 558 be discharged.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 1st 1920


295    RESOLVED:- That Councillors Gelling & Ward with the Manager be authorised to accept suitable tenders for the required repairs to the Branch Bank premises at Duddeston and Handsworth.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 22nd 1920


On Minutes Nos 265 and 295, the following Report was presented:




In accordance with Minutes Nos 265 & 295 of your Sub-Committee, on the 11th October we attended at the Bank Manager's Office, and considered Tenders for repairs to Bank premises at Great Lister Street and Dudley Road.


We have now authorised the Manager to accept the following Tenders for carrying out the work at these Branches, in accordance with Specifications prepared by Mr Wilde:


Great Lister Street

Mr Richard Hunt                 36. 10. 6.


Dudley Road

Mr J T Harris                         110. 0. 0.


The tender of Mr J T Harris is subject to any rise that may take place in the cost of materials and rates of wages during the carrying out of the work.


We now ask that our action in this matter be confirmed.


307    RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to approve the action taken in the matter.


The Manager presented the following Report:


Saltley and Duddeston Branches.


Arrangements have been made for opening these premises as Daily Branches on the 1st November next.


Duddeston Premises.


The outside of these premises badly require painting and certain repairs to chimney-pots and walls. Councillor Ward and the Manager have inspected the premises, and recommend that the work be proceeded with.


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