Premises - Rotton Park
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees. The Minutes cover the period when the Bank was establishing a branch network, mostly in temporary accommodation, but eventually in permanent premises.
Rotton Park branch was initially opened on a part-time basis on September 1st 1919. The location was 368 Dudley Road, the offices of the Screw, Nut, Bolt and Rivet Trade Society.
Premises at 155 - 159 Dudley Road were acquired and a daily branch was opened at No 157 on July 9th 1920. From December 28th 1922 to June 1923, temporary premises were occupied at 7 Heath Street whilst
155 and 157 Dudley Road were amalgamated and reconstructed.
The branch transferred to the refurbished, permanent premises
 on June 16th 1923.
Rotton Park

Bank Committee: August 29th 1919


The Manager reported that a tender for structural alterations & provisions of a counter for Rotton Park Branch from Mr J Hardeman was accepted.


Bank Committee: January 5th 1920


Report of Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:


Rotton Park Branch.

Your Sub-Committee recommend that, in view of the increase of deposits at this Branch, the Manager be instructed to make arrangements for opening the same on Saturday afternoons.


397 RESOLVED:- That the Manager be instructed to make the necessary arrangements for opening the Rotton Park Branch on Saturday afternoons.


Bank Committee: March 29th 1920


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Committee:


Premises at Dudley Road.


Since your last meeting an opportunity has presented itself of purchasing premises situate at 155, 157 and 159 Dudley Road. The premises are shops and dwelling houses, and possession of the middle shop can be obtained. Your Chairman has visited the site with the Manager and Agent. They are situate in the midst of a busy shopping centre, and appear to be quite suitable for Bank purposes.


The property was offered to the Bank at £3,000, and Mr Wilde was instructed to negotiate, and authorised to go to the extent of £1,750. On Saturday, the 13th March, the owner came down in his price £1,850, and further negotiations proceeded, with the result that he declined to move below £1,800, and stated that unless a decision was given forthwith he should accept another offer which had been made to him. After careful consideration the Chairman authorised the purchase being arranged for at that figure, and Mr Wilde has concluded the same.


The owner is prepared to enter into a three years' agreement to rent No 155 at £30 per annum, and No 159 at £45 per annum.


The whole of the property is freehold.


It is recommended that the Housing & Estates Committee should be asked to purchase this property on behalf of the Bank, and that until the Bank funds are in a position to enable the Committee to take over the same, the Bank should be charged a rent on the same lines as other property purchased by them.


It is further recommended that an agreement be entered into for the sub-letting of the two premises No 155 and 159.


It is one of the conditions of sale that the Corporation shall on completion of the purchase enter into an Agreement with Harriett Cox to allow her to remain in possession of the back portion of No 155 as long as she desires free of rent and outgoings.


453 RESOLVED:- That the Housing and Estates Committee be requested to take the necessary steps to purchase the premises Nos 155, 157 and 159, Dudley Road, referred to in the foregoing Report, at the sum of £1,800, and to instruct the Town Clerk to prepare and seal any necessary documents in the matter.


Bank Committee: May 3rd 1920


475 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Rotton Park Branch.

The taking over of the Dudley Road premises, when available, appears to your Sub-Committee a favourable opportunity for transferring the business of the Rotton Park Branch to the said premises and they have instructed the Manager to take steps accordingly.


The resignation of Mr Garner, the Clerk in charge at this Branch has been accepted, he having secured another appointment, and the Manager has been authorised to make such arrangements as to staffing the Branch as he may consider desirable.


478 RESOLVED:- That the action of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee in agreeing to indemnify the Housing and Estates Committee against any liability incurred in connection with the completion of the purchase of premises Nos 155, 157 and 159 Dudley Road, be confirmed.


Bank Committee: July 5th 1920


533 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Dudley Road premises.

Arrangements have now been made for the Bank to obtain possession of No 157 Dudley Road for Branch purposes and your Sub-Committee have authorised the Manager to sublet the living accommodation on suitable terms.


It has been arranged to lease to Mr Watkins No 155 Dudley Road at £30 per annum and No 159 at £45 per annum on a 3 years' agreement in each case. Messrs Restall Round & Co (Mr Watkins' Solicitors) now state, however, that their client has received an offer for the purchase of the business at No 155 and that the applicant is desirous of having a new shop front fitted for which he would pay a corresponding increase in rent. They also ask whether the proposed lease could be granted direct to the purchaser of their client's business. The desired alteration would involve an expenditure of about £156.


Your Sub-Committee recommend to comply with the request of the Solicitors to grant the lease of No 155 direct to the purchaser and that subject to the purchaser agreeing to pay a rental of £45 per annum, the desired alterations to the shop be made, also that upon such agreement being confirmed the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare the requisite documents in the matter and if necessary affix the Corporate Seal thereto.


537 RESOLVED:- That the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare and if necessary attach the Corporate Seal to the leases of premises Nos 155 and 159 Dudley Road on the terms mentioned in the foregoing Report, and that, subject thereto the Manager be instructed to have carried out the alteration to No 155 Dudley Road referred to.


Bank Committee: July 23rd 1920


With regard to the tenancy of the Rotton Park premises the Manager reported that an application had been received from the Chief Constable for the occupation thereof by a Police Detective Officer.


Bank Committee: August 30th 1920


On Minute No 453, the following Report of the Town Clerk was read:


155, 157 and 159 Dudley Road. Watkins to the Corporation

I have to report that in accordance with the above Minute, I have completed the purchase for the sum of £1800 from Messrs L C W & C J Watkins, of the freehold property Nos 155, 157 and 159 Dudley Road, required for the purpose of a Branch Municipal Bank.


568 RESOLVED:- That the foregoing Report be approved.


Bank Committee: October 25th 1920


636 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Repairs to Branch Bank Premises.

In view of the urgent repairs required to Branch Bank premises at Great Lister Street and Dudley Road, the following tenders have been accepted for the carrying out of the work in accordance with Specifications prepared by Mr Wilde:


Great Lister St           Mr Richard Hunt      £36. 10 . 0

Dudley Road             Mr J T Harris            £110. 0. 0


The tender of Mr J T Harris is subject to any rise that may take place in the cost of materials or rates of wages during the carrying out of the work.


Your Sub-Committee ask that the action taken in the matter be confirmed.


637 RESOLVED:- That the acceptance of Tenders for the carrying out of the necessary repairs to Branches in Great Lister Street and Dudley Road referred to in the foregoing Report, be confirmed.


Bank Committee: November 22nd 1920


673 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


157, Dudley Road, and 117 Great Lister Street. - Tenancies.

The rentals of the dwelling accommodation of the above premises have now been fixed at 8/- per week in each case, plus proportion of rates.


Bank Committee: December 20th 1920


On Minute No 537, the following Report of the Town Clerk was presented:


I have to report that in accordance with the above Minute I have completed the Leases to Messrs C J Watkins & Co and Mrs Lydia Watkins respectively of the premises 155 and 159 Dudley Road.


RESOLVED:- That Minute No 537 be discharged.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: September 22nd 1921


The following Minute of the General Committee was received:


909 RESOLVED:- That the application of Mr Watkins with reference to No 159 Dudley Road, be referred to the Special Meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee to be held on Thursday next, to consider the same in conjunction with a report received from Mr Frank Wilde and that the Sub-Committee be empowered to take such action as they may think desirable in the matter.


The following report from Mr Wilde on the matter was read and he also attended and expressed his views:


In accordance with your instructions I have attended at Dudley Road, and discussed with Mrs Watkin's son the question of the extension of the Lease of No 159 for a further term of seven years from June 24th 1923 in consideration of his surrendering the Lease of No 155 which expires in June 1923.


I beg to report that the frontage of this Freehold Property is made up as follows:

            No 155          Stationers Shop           14' 6"

           No 157           Bank                             16' 0"

                       -          Entry                             3' 6"

            No 159          Milliner's Shop            15' 6"


                                   Total Frontage            49' 6"


Unless there is urgent need for the enlargement of the Bank premises I do not recommend the extension of the Leases asked for.


In the event, however, of your requiring more space, and, also, providing you are satisfied that the additional frontage of 14' 6" will meet your requirements for the next ten years, I see no objection to the extension of the Lease of No 159, but in such circumstances I consider the Rent of the Milliner's Shop, after June 1923, should be increased to £50 - 0 - 0 per annum.


I would also point out that if there is any likelihood of the two shops being adequate for your purpose, it would be simpler to make the necessary alterations by connecting No 155 with No 157, having regard to the fact that the Entry giving access to the rear of the three shops is constructed between Nos 157 & 159.


In arriving at any decision your Committee must not lose sight of the rights of the "Tenant for Life" to certain portions of No 155, as failing an arrangement with her, it is impossible to make an extension at the rear of the existing front room of No 155.


A further point for consideration is, that by agreeing to the extension of the Lease of No 159 you will immediately obtain possession of the greater portion of No 155, thus allowing at once for limited increased accommodation for the Bank. On the other hand, should the Rent Act be extended after 1923, there is a remote possibility of your experiencing difficulty in obtaining possession of either, or both, the adjoining shops, if at the time they could be legally construed to be Dwelling Houses in addition.


Yours faithfully,

Frank Wilde

(September 16th 1921)


497 RESOLVED:- That the application of Mr Watkins for his lease to be extended in regard to No 159 Dudley Road, be not acceded to.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: September 22nd 1921


The Manager reported the receipt of a communication from Messrs J & L Lea & Sons as to premises Nos 464 and 466 Dudley Road.


499 RESOLVED:- That the Chairman and Manager be requested to inspect the premises in question and report as to their suitability for Branch Bank purposes.


Bank Committee: October 3rd 1921


The Manager reported that an application had been received from Mr Watkins to assign his lease of No 155, Dudley Road to another party.


919 RESOLVED:- That, subject to the Chairman and Manager being satisfied with the suitability of the proposed assignee (Mr A E Tonks) the application of Mr Watkins be acceded to.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 10th 1921


On Minute No 499, the Sub-Committee were informed that the Chairman and Manager had inspected the premises 464 and 466 Dudley Road, but did not consider the same suitable for Bank purposes.


512 RESOLVED:- That no further action be taken in the matter.


533 RESOLVED:- That the action of Mr Councillor Appleby in having certain outside repairs effected at No 159 Dudley Road be approved, and that the question of dealing with the necessary repairs at No 155 Dudley Road be referred to the Chairman and Manager.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 12th 1921


On Minute 533 (Repairs, 155 Dudley Road) the Manager reported as follows:


Repairs to 155 Dudley Road.

The Chairman and Manager have dealt with the necessary repairs to these premises, which were caused by a small portion of the attic roof having given way.


550 RESOLVED:- That Minute No 533 (Repairs Dudley Road premises) be discharged and the actions taken confirmed.



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