Premises - Ladywood

Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 13th 1920


On Minute No 354 the Manager presented the following Report:




This matter has been carefully looked into by the Chairman, Councillors Gelling and Ward, who have visited the various branches. The position is summarised below with the recommendations:



These premises are at a bleak corner, and owing to the large quantity of glass it has the effect of being very cold in winter and very hot in summer. The electric is not of much use here with the opening and shutting of the door. It is recommended that a vestibule be arranged here at a cost of 21, and that gas radiators be introduced.


From the foregoing it will be seen that the general conclusions arrived at are:

1. That electric heating is not a satisfactory method, having regard to the nature of the business.

2. That it is necessary to give the impression that the Bank is open during business hours, and to do this the outer door should be opened and vestibules arranged.

3. That where the premises are only in the nature of temporary premises or are otherwise fairly satisfactorily heated, additional warmth should be procured by oil stoves.


A statement was submitted showing the comparative costs of electric lighting and heating and gas, and while it was found that during the Christmas and Lady Day quarters last year the electric lighting and heating cost 26 at Sparkbrook and 21 at Lozells, gas lighting and heating at Duddeston and Saltley combined only worked out at 3. 14. 0d. The hours of business at these branches during the periods taken were the same.


The electric wires and fittings are on the hire purchase system, the installation becoming the property of the Bank at the expiration of 3 years.


The electric radiators are on the permanent hire system, and the agreements are for 3 years. It is recommended that the Electric Supply Department be asked to content to the cancellation of the agreements in the cases where it is advisable to substitute gas heating.


The gas radiators (except in the cases of Aston Cross and Bearwood) are on the permanent hire system and the agreement are for 2 years.


It is recommended that Gas Department be asked to consent to the cancellation of the agreements in the cases now on the permanent hire system, and to substitute fresh agreements on the hire purchase system.


367     RESOLVED:- That the Report be approved and the General Committee recommended to adopt the recommendations therein contained.


Bank Committee: February 21st 1921


On Minute No 678, the Town Clerk reported as follows:


February 1st 1921


The Corporation v Jordan.

Recovery of possession of No 299 Monument Road.


In pursuance of this Minute, I beg to report that I issued a summons in the County Court against the above named defendant to recover possession of the premises in question.


The action was heard before His Honour Judge Ruegg, KC, on the 31st ultimo, when I briefed Mr W J Gandy to appear for the Corporation. The defendant was represented by Mr A B Whitfield, instructed by Messrs Philip Baker & Co, Solicitors. The matter was argued at length before His Honour, who before giving judgment personally viewed the premises at No 299 Monument Road, and the alternative accommodation offered by your Committee at No 118 Great Lister Street.


Judgment was, however, given for the defendant, and His Honour indicated the following considerations which had lead him to refuse the order applied for by the Corporation, although he admitted that the house at Great Lister Street was reasonably equivalent to 299 Monument Road in so far as accommodation was concerned:


(1) He considered the social character of the neighbourhood of Great Lister Street to be inferior to that of Monument Road.

(2) The defendant had a family of three children, who were attending special Roman Catholic Schools near to their present residence, and His Honour did not therefore feel disposed to place upon the defendant the inconvenience of having to send his children across the City to attend their Schools.


He accordingly held that No 119 Great Lister Street was not reasonably equivalent as regards suitability in all respects as required by the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Act 1920.


Application was made that the defendant be allowed costs under scale A. This application was however refused, costs on the lower scale being allowed, with a certificate for Counsel's fees.


I ask that the Minute be discharged.


General Purposes Committee: March 14th 1921


The Manager reported that the roof of the Ladywood premises was urgently in need of repair and submitted an estimate from Mr R Hunt for the carrying out of the work.


423: RESOLVED:- That the Chairman and Manager be requested to ascertain what repairs are necessary and authorised to accept a Tender for the carrying out of the required work.


Finance & General Purposes Committee: April 11th 1921


On Minute No 423, the Sub-Committee were informed that the Chairman and Manager had inspected the roof at the Ladywood Branch, and that the same was urgently in need of repair.


437 RESOLVED:- That the Housing and Estates Department be requested to ascertain what repairs are necessary and the estimated cost thereof.


Bank Committee: May 23rd 1921


On Minute No 553, the Committee were informed that the purchase of the ground rent of Nos 299, 300, 301 and 302, Monument Road, had been completed, and that the following payments had been in addition to the purchase of 435:


 Balance of Apportionment Account        3. 5. 3.

 Vendor's Solicitors charges                     17. 2. 6.

 Surveyor's Charges                                     6. 10. 6.

 Stamp Duty                                                   2. 5. 0.


809 RESOLVED:- That Minute No. 553 be discharged.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 10th 1921


On Minute No 437, a Tender was submitted from the Housing & Estates Department for carrying out certain repairs to Nos 299 and 300 Monument Road.


508 RESOLVED:- That the Manager be instructed to obtain an amended Tender from the Housing & Estates Department for outside work only and also a competitive tender, and that the matter be referred to the Chairman and Manager with power to settle and have the work carried out.


532 RESOLVED:- That the offer of Mr John Russell to enter into negotiations to sell Nos 301 and 302 Monument Road to the Bank be not acceded to.


Bank Committee: October 14th 1921


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:


Ladywood Premises.


Mr John Russell, from whom the present branch premises in Monument Road were purchased has offered to sell the adjoining property 301 and 302 Monument Road to the Bank. The Bank purchased the ground rents some time ago, but not the buildings. As these premises would not be required for Bank purposes your Sub-Committee have instructed the Manager to inform Mr Russell that they are not prepared to negotiate for the purchase of the property.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 12th 1921


544 The Manager reported as follows:


W A Jordan.


This man, who is the tenant behind the Ladywood premises, has not paid any rent since November 14th, and the Manager asks for instructions thereon.


572    RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to take such steps with reference to the collection of rent from Mrs Jordan, tenant of Monument Road, as he may consider desirable.


On Minute No 519 (Duddeston and Ladywood Premises) the Manager reported as follows:


Duddeston and Ladywood Premises.


Councillors Gelling and Higgins with the Manager recently visited these premises, and found that several parts of the ceiling were showing signs of giving way. They are of opinion that further expenditure on temporary repairs would not be justified, and that the question of making the premises suitable for a permanent Branch should be gone into by the Architect, including a satisfactory dealing with the ceilings. The Members of the Committee were informed by the Clerk in charge of the [Duddeston] Branch that the accommodation was not adequate for the work, and the book-keeping has to be done on the open counter, which is a very objectionable method. As the premises are constituted there is no accommodation to put desks behind. The Members of the Committee and the Manager are also of the opinion that the evidence of the public house should be taken away, and that the Architect should submit complete proposals for dealing with these premises in a satisfactory manner.


As regards Ladywood, the Manager reports that there has recently been a fire in the living accommodation behind 299 Monument Road during the absence of the tenant. The necessary steps have been taken with the Insurance Co, with a view to having the damage made good. Having regard to the instructions given in Minute 519 for the Architect to report upon Ladywood premises, the Manager advises the position is being looked at from the view of a permanent Bank rather than spending much money on temporary alterations. There is a possibility that the tenant of the butcher's shop next door will surrender his tenancy, in which case the property could be dealt with satisfactorily.


551 RESOLVED:- That the Manager be instructed to obtain Mr McMichael's proposals for effecting alterations to the Duddeston and Ladywood premises on the lines indicated in the Manager's report, and to submit full particulars to the next meeting of this Sub-Committee.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 9th 1922


On Minutes Nos 519, 551 (Repairs Duddeston and Ladywood branches) the Manager reported that the tenants of No 300 Monument Road desired to let the shop to another party.


9          RESOLVED:- That the matter be left to the Chairman and Manager with power to make such arrangements as they may think fit.


Finance Sub-Committee: January 16th 1922


Repayment of Purchase Money to Housing and Estates Committee.


It will be remembered that in the early stages of the Bank the necessary money required to purchase premises for the purpose of Branch Banks was found by the Housing and Estates Committee on behalf of the Bank, it being understood that when the Bank was in a position to repay the amount thus found steps would be taken to meet this liability. Interest is being charged on the amount outstanding at 6%. The Bank have already repaid the sum of 1,818 in respect of the purchase of premises at Sparkbrook, but there remains a sum of 6,634. 13. 7d. owing to the Housing and Estates Committee for other purchases at Aston, Kings Heath, Duddeston, Ladywood and Rotton Park.


Your Sub-Committee have carefully considered this matter, and they recommend that the amount at present owing to the Housing and Estates Committee should be repaid, and that the Committee's thanks be conveyed to them for their assistance in the matter.


Bank Committee: January 16th 1922


1036 RESOLVED:- That payment be made to the Housing and Estates Committee of the sum due to them in respect of the acquisition of Branch Bank premises amounting to 6,634. 13. 7d and that the best thanks of this Committee be conveyed to them for their assistance in the matter.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 13th 1922


With reference to the tenancy of No 300, Monument Road, the Sub-Committee were informed that the Town Clerk was of the opinion that no action could be taken successfully at the present time to obtain possession of this accommodation.


Finance Sub-Committee: October 9th 1922


The Manager reported that in view of the alterations being carried out at Aston, Duddeston, Rotton Park and Ladywood Branches, as a precautionary measure, cash in excess of 50 was brought in to Head Office, pending suitable instructions being given by the Sub-Committee.


The Manager reported that in the ordinary way each daily Branch (except Saltley) was covered in respect of loss or theft up to 2,000 by the Guarantee Society and he considered that 1,000 in each case would be sufficient to cover the Branches named during the progress of the alterations.


87       RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to approach the Guarantee Society with a view to Aston, Duddeston, Rotton Park and Ladywood Branches being covered for an amount of 1,000 in each case during the period of the alterations.


With reference to Saltley Branch, the Manager reported that this Branch was only covered for 300. This caused hardship on the officers and incurred considerable risk in the transit of cash. The Manager suggested that the Guarantee Society should be approached with a view to this Branch being covered for 1,000.


88        RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to make arrangements accordingly.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 9th 1922


On Minute No 9 (Ladywood Branch Premises) the Manager reported as follows:


Ladywood Premises.


The tenant of 299 Monument Road has now given vacant possession. The tenant of 300 Monument Road is prepared to give entire vacant possession on February 1st 1923, providing a payment of 200 is made to her in respect thereof. Letter from Mr Wilde on the subject shows the matter now stands with the Solicitor for Mrs Johnson, and the Bank Committee. The possibilities of arranging a modified building line have been looked into by Councillor Higgins, Mr Richardson (Surveyor) and the Manager. No such step can be taken without pulling down and re-erecting. This would not be sanctioned by the Public Works Committee as the whole area comes within the widening scheme. The best solution which can be put forward is to make the payment to Mrs Johnson and to bring into the use of the Bank the two shops and sitting room; reconstruct the sculleries into satisfactory kitchens; entirely dismantle the slaughter-house, stables, etc, and throw same into an open space or garden and erect suitable outside lavatories. Two families could then be housed here. In any case considerable expense will be entailed on this property - particularly that portion lately occupied by Mr Jordan which is in a shocking state. Mr McMichael should be instructed to prepare a scheme on the general lines indicated above, and put the same to the Public Works Committee for their approval.


172     RESOLVED:- That the matter be referred to the Chairman, the Chairman of the General Committee and the Manager with authority to prepare a scheme, in conjunction with the Public Works & Town Planning Committee, and that consideration of the question of compensation to the tenant of 300, Monument Road, for giving up vacant possession, be deferred.




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