Premises - Saltley

Bank Committee: December 20th 1920


691 The following Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Saltley Branch - Extension of Hut (corner Bowyer Road).


As the accommodation at the converted Fire Brigade Hut at Saltley is found to be inadequate for the needs of this Branch, consideration has been given to the best manner in which the same can be extended. A plan was submitted at your Sub-Committee's last Meeting showing a proposed extension together with an estimate from Mr R Hunt for carrying out the work at 150, and they recommend that the work be carried out on the lines indicated therein.


The necessary permission for the carrying out of the extension has been obtained from Messrs Ansells Brewery Co, and your Sub-Committee have given instructions that this firm be heartily thanked on behalf of your Committee for the kindness shown by them on this and other occasions.


693 RESOLVED:- That the extension of the Saltley Branch be carried out on the lines indicated on the plan submitted and that the Tender of Mr R Hunt for executing the work at 150 be accepted.


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: April 18th 1921


Saltley Branch. (corner of Bowyer Road).


In view of the untidy state and the bare condition of the grounds surrounding the Hut used as a Branch Bank at Saltley, the Parks Superintendent has been approached with a view to improve the appearance of the surroundings by the planting of bushes etc


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 12th 1921


544 The Manager reported as follows:


Saltley Branch.


A Sub-Committee consisting of Councillors Gelling and Higgins have looked into the question raised by the Manager as to custody and transit of cash. They agree with the Manager that it is unreasonable to transfer the cash from Saltley to Duddeston and vice versa, and that such transfers  constitute a personal risk to the officers concerned. The Sub-Committee are of opinion that one of the large safes - 12 corner bent steel - should be fixed in position under the counter at Saltley, sufficient to meet the needs of the Branch for cash and books, in place of the present safe, and the present safe be returned to the makers in accordance with the agreement made to take such back at market rates. The Guarantee Society have been informed of the Sub-Committee's views, and requested to cover liability in the ordinary way, and the Manager is now informed that the Company is prepared to fall in with the Committee's desires to a limited extent, which in the Manager's opinion is satisfactory.


563 RESOLVED:- That the arrangement made by the Manager with reference to the custody of cash at Saltley Branch, and with regard to the guaranteeing thereof, as set out in his report be approved.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 12th 1922


The Manager reported that premises at the corner of Washwood Heath Road and Alum Rock Road were advertised for sale.


The premises had been inspected by Mr Councillor Appleby and himself but they were of opinion that the price required for the property, namely, 1,150, was too high.


113    RESOLVED:- That no action be taken in the matter.


Finance Sub-Committee: October 9th 1922


The Manager reported that in view of the alterations being carried out at Aston, Duddeston, Rotton Park and Ladywood Branches, as a precautionary measure, cash in excess of 50 was brought in to Head Office, pending suitable instructions being given by the Sub-Committee.


The Manager reported that in the ordinary way each daily Branch (except Saltley) was covered in respect of loss or theft up to 2,000 by the Guarantee Society and he considered that 1,000 in each case would be sufficient to cover the Branches named during the progress of the alterations.


87       RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to approach the Guarantee Society with a view to Aston, Duddeston, Rotton Park and Ladywood Branches being covered for an amount of 1,000 in each case during the period of the alterations.


With reference to Saltley Branch, the Manager reported that this Branch was only covered for 300. This caused hardship on the officers and incurred considerable risk in the transit of cash. The Manager suggested that the Guarantee Society should be approached with a view to this Branch being covered for 1,000.


88        RESOLVED:- That the Manager be authorised to make arrangements accordingly.


Bank Committee: January 15th 1923


The Committee were informed that the Chairman, Councillor Higgins and the General Manager had inspected property at 11 & 13 Alum Rock Road near junction of that thoroughfare with Washwood Heath Road, and they considered that this situation was an excellent one for Branch Bank purposes. The property which was leasehold, having 44 years unexpired, was up for sale by auction on 23rd January, and Mr Wilde had been asked to furnish a complete report with reference to the property.


1326 RESOLVED:- That the matter be referred to the Chairman, Councillor Higgins and the General Manager, with power to act.


Bank Committee: February 19th 1923


On Minute No 1326 (Property, 11 & 13, Alum Rock Road), the Committee were informed that this property had been disposed of by private treaty before the date fixed for the sale by auction.


1349 RESOLVED: That Minute No 1326 be discharged.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 11th 1923


366 The General Manager stated that enquiries had been made regarding premises 219 and 221 Alum Rock Road. Particulars of the premises referred to were submitted to the Sub-Committee from which it appeared that the premises were not situated in the most favourable position, and it was decided no further action be taken in the matter.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 8th 1923


The following report of the General Manager was submitted:


Saltley Premises.


During the vacation the question of purchasing property on Alum Rock Road, opposite Edmund Road, which was offered to the Bank on a previous occasion, has again cropped up. As a result of an inspection by Councillors Higgins and Gelling I have instructed Mr Wilde to negotiate with a view to obtaining the property with possession. The property in question comprises two shops and a dwelling-house, and is compact in itself. There is no doubt of possession being obtained of one shop, but it is doubtful with regard to the second shop. The property is leasehold, but I have instructed Mr Wilde to endeavour to get the freehold. At the moment Mr Wilde's instructions are to negotiate and to let us know what he is able to arrange, giving us his valuation of the property after he has had an opportunity of inspecting the same. As the matter may have to be dealt with as a case of urgency, I suggest that the Chairman of the General Committee be authorised, along with myself, to purchase the property for the best price he can.


409 With reference to property referred to in the foregoing Report, in Alum Rock Road, opposite to Edmund Road, the General Manager stated that he had now ascertained that the property in question was not available.


Bank Committee: November 19th 1923


The General Manager presented the following report with reference to negotiations which had taken place regarding property Nos 154 and 156, Alum Rock Road:


154 and 156 Alum Rock Road.


The question of obtaining suitable premises for the Saltley Branch, which has so often engaged the attention of the Committee, has been again under consideration since your last Meeting. The General Purposes Sub-Committee were hoping to report at your Meeting in October, but at the last minute the proposed purchase went off, neither party being willing to sell. Since then further efforts have been made by Mr Wilde, with the result that the property has been placed on sale at 2000.


The property comprises two retail shops and dwelling houses, in a good state of repair, and is situate in the heart of a shopping centre near to the present temporary Branch premises. The property is leasehold, with 67 years to run, the ground rent being 7. 8. 0. per annum.


Having regard to the urgent need of a permanent premises in this area, and to the fact that several Members of the Committee have on different occasions expressed their approval to the purchase being arranged, the Chairman and General Manager directed Mr Wilde to obtain the premises if possible for the sum of 2,000. This purchase is not easy to arrange, as two parties are involved in all the negotiations, and they will not act together. At present No 154 is offered with entire vacant possession. No 156 is subject to a sub-lease of about two years unexpired, but as the premises are not being used as sleeping accommodation it is possible that entire vacant possession may be arranged on terms.


The Committee are asked to approve of the action of the Chairman and General Manager, and provided the purchase takes place at the price named or a lower figure, to instruct the Town Clerk to affect completion, subject to the approval of the Council, and further, to authorise the Chairman and General Manager to secure vacant possession of No 156 on the best terms possible, and to negotiate for the purchase of the freehold.


1575 RESOLVED:- That the action of the Chairman and the General Manager referred to in the foregoing report be approved, and that, subject to the acquisition of the leasehold premises Nos 154 & 156, Alum Rock Road being arranged at a price not exceeding 2000 the Town Clerk be instructed to complete the purchase thereof, subject to the approval of the City Council being obtained, and to prepare and affix the Corporate Seal to any necessary documents; further, that the Chairman and General Manager be authorised to secure vacant possession of No 156, Alum Rock Road on the best terms possible, and to negotiate for the purchase of the freehold interest in the whole of the property.


Bank Committee: December 17th 1923


On Minute No 1575 (Property - 154 and 156 Alum Rock Road) the General Manager reported that the owner of No 156 Alum Rock Road has withdrawn his offer to sell.


1589 RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be instructed, in conference with Mr Frank Wilde, to endeavour to induce the owner to reconsider his decision.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 14th 1924


With reference to the proposed acquisition of premises Nos 154 and 156, Alum Rock Road, the following report of the General Manager was submitted:


Nos 154 and 156 Alum Rock Road, Saltley.


On the 19th November by Minute No 1575 the Bank Committee approved of the purchase of the above premises for a sum not exceeding 2,000. At this time it was anticipated the property might then be purchased, but suddenly the owner of No 156 declined to sell to the Corporation at all, and transferred his instructions from one Solicitor to another.


The Chairman (Councillor Appleby) and the General Manager made every effort to get the property placed on sale again through the offices of Mr Upton, Solicitor, into whose hands the business had been transferred, and were at last able to come to an arrangement that the purchase price of No 156 to be 1,000. This price added to the 1,050 already agreed upon in respect of No 154 brings the total price to 2,050 or 50 more than was originally authorised. It was felt, however, that the Bank could not risk the loss of this property, having regard to the conditions under which the Saltley Bank is conducted and to the fact that we have no tenancy. The Chairman and the General Manager therefore undertook to purchase at the price named. The contracts in each case have been signed, and the deposits paid in respect of No 154 by Mr Wilde who has purchased on the understanding that he will be reimbursed. So far as No 156 is concerned, the purchase has been effected in the name of the Chairman (Councillor Appleby) as the only possible way to get a definite contract entered into. The Committee are asked to sanction the steps taken, and to give directions for negotiations to be commenced for the purchase of the freehold.

So far as No 154 is concerned, possession can be obtained in six months' time, but so far as No 156 is concerned the purchase is subject to the present lease which expires in March 1926.


In view of the difficulties of altering one shop at a time, and the extra expense involved in such alterations, and as there would be a period of one year and nine months during which No 154 would be vacant, the General Manager recommends that efforts be made to come to terms with the present tenant of No 156 for earlier possession to be obtained, thus enabling the structural alterations to be made to both shops together.


463     RESOLVED:- That the report be approved, and that the General Committee be recommended to confirm the action taken in agreeing to the purchase of these premises at the sum of 2,050, and to amend their Minute No 1575 accordingly.


Bank report to the City Council: March 4th 1924




For the past four years your Committee have been endeavouring to obtain suitable premises to serve the purposes of the Saltley Branch, but have found it exceedingly difficult to purchase property of the character desired. It is important that the Bank should be situate in the shopping area, and not far removed from the present temporary wooden structure at which the business of the Saltley Branch has been conducted since September, 1919.


The wooden structure above-mentioned is placed upon land owned by Messrs Ansells, Ltd, at the corner of Alum Rock Road and Bowyer Road. The original structure was purchased from the Watch Committee, having formerly been used as a fireman's shelter. Soon after removal to its present position, your Committee found it necessary to enlarge the structure, a course they would not have followed if permanent premises could then have been procured, and Messrs Ansells, Ltd, have generously allowed the erection to remain on their land, although, when placed there it was only anticipated to be a very temporary arrangement. The business of the Branch has increased year by year, and for some time it has been evident to your Committee that proper premises must be obtained as soon as possible, both from the point of view of accommodation and of security.


Your Committee have, after repeated attempts, succeeded in obtaining an offer to sell to the Bank property which, in their opinion, should be secured. The negotiations have been complicated and prolonged owing to the fact that the premises are owned by different parties. The property, which is leasehold, is situate at Nos 154 and 156, Alum Rock Road, and consists of two retail shops and dwelling houses, the whole forming a compact site, the location of which is indicated by pink colouring on Plan "A" annexed to this report. The lease has 67 years to run, and the ground rent is 7. 8s. 0d. per annum.


Your Committee, having obtained the opinion of a Valuer on this property, are satisfied that the price asked, viz, 2,050, is a reasonable one, having regard to the fact that the site is in an important and valuable shopping area.


They, therefore, recommend that the premises, Nos 154 and 156, Alum Rock Road, be acquired at the figure named, the purchase price to be defrayed out of the funds of the Bank.

Bank Committee: March 17th 1924


1685 The following Minute of the City Council passed on presentation of the Committee's report on March 4th last were received:


It was moved by Mr Councillor Appleby, seconded, and Resolved:

26,714. That the Bank Committee be, and they are hereby, authorised to acquire the leasehold property, Nos 154 and 156, Alum Rock Road, for the purposes of a branch Bank at the price of 2,050, the purchase money being defrayed from the funds of the Bank.


On Minute Nos 1575 and 1634, the Committee were informed that the Town Clerk had completed the purchase of the under leasehold interest in No 156 Alum Rock Road.


The General Manager stated that it might be possible to obtain possession of No 156 on payment of a sum of 200, which would enable the Bank to proceed with the alterations at both premises, thus obviating the necessity of carrying out the proposed scheme at different times.


1688   RESOLVED:- That the matter be referred to the Chairman and the General Manager with authority to arrange suitable terms for possession of No 156 Alum Rock Road if possible and that the Town Clerk be authorised in the event of terms being agreed to accept a Surrender of the Lease and to seal any necessary documents.

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