Premises - Acocks Green
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period when the Bank was establishing a branch network, mostly in temporary accommodation, but eventually in permanent premises. Acocks Green branch was originally opened in an old Police Station in September 1919. Alternative premises were not acquired until 1924, and a permanent branch was opened on June 27th 1925.
Acocks Green

Bank Committee: August 29th 1919


The Manager reported that ....

Councillor Taylor seeing to the repairs at Acocks Green Branch. Treasurer to see charges


Bank Committee: December 1st 1919


Report of the Publicity Sub-Committee:




[The Publicity Sub-Committee] have had under consideration the question of improving the business of the Branch Bank at Acocks Green. This branch is situated in one of the front rooms of the old Police Station in Warwick Road, and it was thought that the neglected appearance of the building due to its not being inhabitated was operating to the detriment of the Bank. Your Sub-Committee hope that the vacant portion of the premises will shortly be tenanted. Other means are also being adopted whereby the appearance of the building may be improved. Your Sub-Committee have also taken steps to bring the Branch more particularly to the notice of the inhabitants of Acocks Green by the distribution of hand-bills, and if this method should prove successful, they are of opinion it might with advantage be tried in other districts.


381 RESOLVED:- That the Report of the Publicity Sub-Committee be approved.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 12th 1921


On Minute No 518 (Repairs Acocks Green Branch) the Manager reported as follows:


Acock's Green Branch Repairs.

Manager reports that the necessary repairs to the windows, etc, have been carried out.


550 RESOLVED:- That Minute No 518 (Repairs-Acocks Green Branch) be discharged and the actions taken confirmed.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: April 14th 1924


525 The Sub-Committee were informed that further applications had been received from Architects to carry out works at Branches. The Sub-Committee, after consideration, were of opinion that no change should be made in the existing practice and that no action be taken to divide the work against several Architects.


Bank Committee: May 19th 1924


1756 The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Property - Warwick Road, Acocks Green.


Your Sub-Committee report that exhaustive enquiries have been made with a view to suitable property being secured in the Acocks Green district for Bank purposes. An opportunity has now arisen of acquiring a block of property, situate at Nos 1109 and 1111 Warwick Road, Acocks Green. The property is freehold and consists of double-fronted residence with Butcher's Lock-up Shop adjoining together with extensive outbuildings at rear. The owner of the property (Mrs Clifford) is prepared to sell, with vacant possession, for the sum of £4,000.


Your Sub-Committee have had before them a report from Mr Frank Wilde regarding the premises, in which he states that having due regard to the importance of the position and the facilities afforded for further development, he values the same at the sum of £3,750.


Your Sub-Committee are advised that in the event of purchasing the property it would be an easy matter to divide the same so that a portion could be converted to meet the requirements of the Bank while the remainder could either be let off or sold.


They have authorised their Chairman and the Chairman of your Committee with the General Manager to take necessary steps to obtain an option for the purchase of the property until the Bank Committee meeting. In the event of suitable terms being arranged, your Sub-Committee consider that the necessary instructions should be given for the purchase of the property.


1762   RESOLVED:- That the Chairman of this Committee, the Chairman of the General Purposes Sub-Committee and the General Manager be empowered to arrange for the acquisition of the freehold property Nos 1109 and 1111, Warwick Road, Acocks Green at a cost of not exceeding £4,000, and that the Town Clerk be authorised to complete the purchase, subject to the approval of the City Council, and to prepare and affix the Corporate Seal to any necessary documents in the matter.


Bank Committee: June 16th 1924


1772 The following Minute of the City Council passed on June 3rd was received:


It was moved by Mr Councillor Appleby, seconded by Mr Councillor Daniels, and Resolved:

26,831. That the Bank Committee be, and they are hereby, authorised to acquire the freehold property Nos 1,109 and 1,111, Warwick Road, Acock's Green, for the purpose of a Branch Bank at the price of £3,750, the purchase money being further authorised to dispose of such part of the property as may be surplus to their requirements.


Bank Committee: July 7th 1924


The General Manager presented the following report as to property No 1109 and 1111, Warwick Road, Acocks Green, recently purchased by the Bank Committee:


Acocks Green Property.


Reports have been received from Mr McMichael and Mr Wilde, both of whom advise a division of the property, and that the house and grounds can be used for the Bank and the shop and outbuildings at rear disposed of.


The Gas Department is anxious to purchase the lock-up shop and buildings belonging thereto, and the Secretary has intimated to the General Manager that this afternoon a Sub-Committee of the Gas Department would be recommended and would probably agree to pay £2,000 for the property which is surplus to the Bank’s requirements.


In the opinion of Mr Wilde this sum is a fair price, and it is accordingly recommended that such surplus property should be transferred to the Gas Department at the price of £2,000, subject to a right of way from the cartway at the side of the lock-up shop to the house portion of the Bank premises.


Mr McMichael has been instructed to prepare a plan of the alterations proposed, and in this connection the Secretary of the Gas Department has intimated that it might be arranged for a joint alteration scheme, similar to what is contemplated with the Electric Supply Department at Northfield.


1807  RESOLVED: That the Gas Committee be informed that this Committee approve of the transfer to that Committee for the sum of £2,000 of such portions of the premises recently purchased and situate at 1109 and 1111, Warwick Road, as are surplus to their requirements, consisting of the lock-up shop and buildings appurtenant thereto.


1808   RESOLVED: That the action taken in instructing Mr McMichael to prepare a plan showing proposed alterations of the portion of the premises in Warwick Road to be utilised for Branch Bank purposes, be confirmed, and that the matter be referred to the General Purposes Sub-Committee.




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