Bordesley Green
Premises - Bordesley Green

General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 8th 1928


The report of the General Manager dealing with land surrounding the temporary buildings utilised by the Bank was submitted:


Land surrounding temporary buildings.


The enclosed lands surrounding wood buildings erected to serve the purpose of temporary Banks in several parts of the City, have for some time presented an untidy appearance owing to the presence of weeds, etc, and complaints have been made as to their condition.


No arrangements existed for keeping the grounds tidy and attending to the shrubs, and with a view to improving the appearance of the grounds, I approached the General Manager of the Estates Department on the matter.


Mr Wallace Smith had an inspection made of the particular grounds and gave an estimate of cost for forking out and removing weeds, cultivating and levelling the soil, trimming privet hedges, and keeping the gardens and hedges in a tidy condition for twelve months, as follows:



. s. d.


15.15. -


15.15. -

Perry Common

15.15. -

Pype Hayes

15.15. -


15.15. -

Bordesley Green

6. 10. -


6. 10. -


6. 10. -


Mr Smith further stated that the grounds would receive attention once each month.


These prices were considered excessive, and Mr Wallace Smith agreed that they appeared unduly high, but explained that considerable labour would be involved in getting rid of the weeds and destroying same, but that after the grounds had been properly cleared it would not be so expensive to keep them tidy.


In view of the urgent need for something to be done, instructions were given to the Estates Department to proceed with the work, on the understanding that the question of cost would be settled between the General Manager of the Estates Department and myself when we could have before us particulars of the time spent on the work. At the end of twelve months, Mr Smith will be able to quote a more favourable price for attending to the grounds, which he thought would work out at approximately 7. 10. -d per year for the first five grounds mentioned above, and 1. 10. -d for the last three.


I ask for the approval of the Committee to the action taken in having the grounds attended to at once.


1315   RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be instructed to communicate with the Secretary of the Parks Department with a view to obtaining a price for attention to the gardens for a period of twelve months.


Bank Committee: December 10th 1928


On Minute No 1320, the General Manager presented the following report with regard to the available use of land and buildings purchased for branch bank purposes:

Land & Buildings

Finance Sub-Committee: December 17th 1928


Estimates have been accepted as follows for the painting of Bordesley Green branch:

Estates Department - 49. 3. 0.


Finance Sub-Committee: December 14th 1931


The General Manager reported that the Chairman of the General Committee had authorised acceptance of the following tender for painting the outside and inside at Bordesley Green branch:

J H Gay: 42.  0.00.



Finance Sub-Committee : May 15th 1933


Your Sub-Committee recommend that the application of Mr Leslie Howard Thompson, the Lessee of the flat at the Bordesley Green Branch, to renew his Lease, which expires on the 1st December 1933, be granted for a further period of 7 years on the understanding that the rental of 50 shall be increased by 5 per annum: also that the Town Clerk be instructed to affix the Corporate Seal to any necessary document.




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