Hall Green
Premises - Hall Green
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from October 1923 to December 1936. After searching for a suitable site for some time, a plot of freehold land fronting the Stratford Road, near to the junction of Fox Hollies Road and Highfield Road, was found in 1926. A purpose built branch was subsequently opened on November 12th 1927

General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 8th 1923


The following Report of the General Manager was submitted:


Hall Green Premises.


My attention has been drawn to property situate at No 1140 Stratford Road, which is close to Reddings Lane. The premises comprise a shop of a frontage of 23'0" to the main road. The property is leasehold, 83 years unexpired, ground rent 9. 8. 9., per annum. The price asked is 1100.


Another property known as "Darley Dale" Stratford Road, also near to Reddings Lane, has been suggested for the Bank. This property is a dwelling-house which could be converted into shop premises.


In my opinion both these properties are in too close proximity to our Sparkhill Branch and, while I realise that it will be necessary to set up a Branch in Hall Green district in the near future, I think that Branch should be located more towards the present tram terminus.


410    RESOLVED:- That no action be taken with reference to property 1140 Stratford Road and the property near Reddings Lane referred to in the General Manager's Report.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 2nd 1924


The General Manager reported that a communication had been received from the Estates Department calling attention to a site at Hall Green, being surplus land belonging to the Electric Supply Department.


557     RESOLVED:- That Councillors Appleby and Stephens with the General Manager be requested to inspect the site referred to, reporting their observations thereon to the Sub-Committee.


Bank Committee: June 16th 1924

The General Manager stated that in regard to surplus land in Stratford Road, Hall Green, belonging to the Electric Supply Department, the Estates Department were asking for an intimation at an early date, as to whether the site would be suitable for Bank purposes.

It was pointed out that Councillors Appleby and Stephens had been appointed by the General Purposes Sub-Committee to inspect the site referred to, but Councillor Stephens had been unable to act.

1796   RESOLVED:- That the Chairman and Councillor Gelling, with the General Manager, be requested to inspect the site referred to, reporting thereon to the next meeting of the General Purposes Sub-Committee. 

General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 14th 1924


The General Manager reported that the Estates Department had called his attention to certain premises at Hall Green and Selly Park, neither of which, however, were suitable to the requirements of the Bank.


579     RESOLVED:- That no action be taken with reference to the premises referred to.


Bank Committee: August 7th 1924


1849 A letter was read from Mr F Wilde as to property in Stratford Road, at the corner of York Road. The Committee considered that the property referred to would be unsuitable for Bank purposes and no action taken in the matter.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 14th 1924


On Minute 569 (Site at Hall Green) the General Manager reported as follows:


Site at Hall Green.


Premises at 1108 Stratford Road, and others near to the Shirley boundary in Yardley Wood Road, lock-up shops on Stratford Road, 1120 Stratford Road and land on Stratford Road have all been under consideration. No 1108 Stratford Road was turned down by the Chairman (Councillor Appleby) as was also the shopping near the Shirley boundary, and the property in Yardley Wood Road. The available land for sale is held by the Birmingham Estates Company who want an exorbitant price for the same and no action has therefore been taken. The lock-up shops on Stratford Road, although vacant, have been taken. No 1120 which is at present a private dwelling house is offered on a 10 years' repairing lease at 70 per annum, increasing every three years by 10 on condition that any alterations are carried out by the tenants. This site is no better than No 1108, and in the General Manager's opinion is too near Sparkhill Branch.


568     RESOLVED:- That the action above referred to be approved, and that the General Manager be directed to pursue his enquiries in this district.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 8th 1924


On Minutes Nos 569 and 588 (Site at Hall Green), it was -

611     RESOLVED:- That a special Sub-Committee be appointed consisting of the Chairman of this Sub-Committee, with the Chairman of the General Committee and Councillor Stephens, with the object of keeping in touch with the Housing development and road improvement schemes of the Public Works etc Committee for the purpose of securing suitable sites for Branch Bank purposes in the outlying parts of the City, reporting their observations and recommendations thereon to this Sub-Committee in due course.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 9th 1925


On Minutes Nos 611/640 (Sites for Branches) - the General Manager presented the following [part of his] report:




The special Committee consisting of the Chairman (Councillor Appleby) and Councillor Stephens have visited a number of sites, along with the General Manager, but have not completed their investigations. They have, however, come to the conclusion that steps should be taken to secure sites or buildings as follows:


4. On the Stratford Road, Hall Green, near to the junction of Fox Hollies Road with Highfield Road, to serve the purposes of this district, which is being developed by private enterprise, and to tap a portion of the estate running towards Acock's Green whereon over 3,000 houses are to be erected by the Corporation. There is considerable development by private enterprise on both sides of the road at this point.


5. On the Warwick Road near to Stockfield Road, or alternatively at the junction of Spring Road and Fox Hollies Road, so as to tap the area where over 3,000 houses are being built in the Acock's Green and Hall Green districts.


When your Committee have had a further opportunity of inspecting other areas, an additional report will be presented.


669    RESOLVED:- That the report be approved and the matter further considered on the investigations of the Sub-Committee being completed.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 8th 1925


On Minutes Nos 611 and 669 (sites for branches) the General Manager presented the following report:




This is being developed in the main by private enterprises.

Site: (a)         Junction of Highfield Road, Fox Hollies Road and Stratford Road.

         (b)          Junction of 5 Roads at Robin Hood.


There is no proposed extension of Tram services beyond the Bull's Head, but at this point a bus service is proposed down to Warstock. Another proposed bus route comes from Acock's Green to Yardley Wood cutting across Stratford Road at Robin Hood.


746     RESOLVED:- That Mr Councillor Appleby and the General Manager be requested to make further enquiries as to the possibility of purchasing property in the Hall Green district.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 12th 1925


On Minutes Nos 611/669 (Sites for Branches), 746 (Site for Hall Green Branch) and 765 (Land at the corner of Dogpool Lane and Pershore Road) the General Manager presented the following reports:


Sites for Branches


A special Sub-Committee, consisting of the Chairman and Councillor Stephens visited several sites, and have furnished reports to the Committee on their visits:


4. Site at the junction of Highfield Road, Fox Hollies Road, and Stratford Road, or at the junction of five roads at Robin Hood. This is also the subject of a special report.


Site for Hall Green Premises.


Some time ago Mr B Duddeston Elt offered land to the Bank at the corner of Baldwins Lane and Stratford Road at 15/- per square yard. The site has been visited by members of the Committee on more than one occasion, and also the site at the corner of Highfield Road and Stratford Road.


It was thought at the time, that the junction of Highfield Road and Stratford Road was a more central situation, but the Birmingham Estates people were asking 1. 1. -d per yard for the land.


There is an increasing demand for Bank facilities in the Hall Green district, and it is desirable that the Committee should reach some decision in the matter of a site, or alternatively, the purchase of premises. Unfortunately several opportunities have been missed, and I am not sure whether either of the two sites named are now available.


A clear indication from the Committee, as to the position for a Branch would be esteemed.


787     RESOLVED:- That the question of the selection of a suitable site at Hall Green be referred to Councillors Appleby, Barrow and Stephens, with power to agree terms for the purchase.


With reference to sites at Fox Hollies and Pype Hayes the following communication was received from the Public Works and Town Planning Committee:

20857. Resolved: That subject to the approval of the City Council and the Ministry of Health, the transfer to the Bank Committee of sites on the Fox Hollies Estate, Acocks Green, and the Pype Hayes Estate, Erdington, respectively, be agreed to upon terms to be settled by the District Valuer.


788     RESOLVED:- That Councillors Appleby, Barrow and Stephens, with the General Manager, be requested to reopen the question of a suitable site at Fox Hollies with the Public Works Department, the land on the Fox Hollies Estate suggested by the latter not being suitable for Bank requirements; also that they be asked to continue negotiations for the provision of a suitable site at Pype Hayes.

Continued ....