Alum Rock
Premises - Alum Rock
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from June 1925 to February 1939.
The Bank began seeking premises for a branch in the Alum Rock district as the area began to develop following the extension of the tram system - route No 8 covering the 3.2-miles from the city centre. The location chosen was at the junction of five roads (Alum Rock Road (2); Sladefield Road; Belchers Lane; and Pelham Road) that was known locally asThe Pelham, after a public house of that name, at the junction. Confusingly, "Alum Rock" is locally used to refer to the nearby area of Saltley. The architect for the construction work was Stewart Evans,
and the branch was opened on August 11th 1928

General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 8th 1925


On Minutes Nos 611 and 669 (sites for branches) the General Manager presented the following report:




ALUM ROCK DISTRICT. Plots of 188, 188, 310, 276, 226, 56, 68, 71, Houses to be erected in this district.


Site: Junction of Sladefield Road and Alum Rock Road.


There is an extension of Tram track proposed from Bordesley Green terminus but not connecting to Stechford.

Tram route is being extended from Alum Rock terminus to Pelham Road.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 12th 1925


Sites for Branches


A special Sub-Committee, consisting of the Chairman and Councillor Stephens, visited several sites, and have furnished reports to the Committee on their visits.


7. Site at the junction of Sladefield Road and Alum Rock was suggested, but ultimately the Chairman favoured a site near the Pelham Arms. Mr Wilde is negotiating at the present time for property in this neighbourhood.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 11th 1926


A report was submitted from Mr F Wilde with reference to buildings in Pelham Road, Alum Rock, consisting of two shops and dwelling houses. In view of this property being in a very favourable position for Bank premises it was:


850    RESOLVED:- That Mr F Wilde be authorised to negotiate for the acquisition of the property up to 2000 for vacant possession as referred to in his report, and that the Chairman (Councillor Appleby) and General Manager be authorised to agree a higher figure for vacant possession of the entire property.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 8th 1926


872 On Minute No 850 (Property, Pelham Road, Alum Rock), the General Manager reported that Mr F Wilde was proceeding with the enquiries in regard to this property.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 31st 1926


958 The General Manager reported that an opportunity had arisen to purchase property in Alum Rock near the corner of Thornton Road consisting of two shops, which had been valued by Mr Wilde at 850 each. It appeared, however, that the position was unsuitable for Bank requirements, and it had been decided that no action be taken in the matter.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 12th 1926


On Minute No 850 (Property - Pelham Road, Alum Rock) the Sub-Committee were informed that possession of all the premises could now be obtained with the exception of one lock-up shop. The importance was emphasised of acquiring the property in question if possible, and it was:


972     RESOLVED:- That the Chairman of the General Committee with the General Manager, be empowered to arrange the purchase on the best terms possible, with authority to go to a purchase price of 2,200 if necessary.


Bank Committee: October 4th 1926


The General Manager presented the following report with reference to the action taken in regard to the purchase of property at the corner of Pelham Road and Belchers Lane:


Premises at Alum Rock


During the vacation the negotiations for the purchase of premises at the corner of Pelham Road and Belchers Lane, have been successfully concluded.


The property, which is leasehold with 83 years unexpired, comprises two retail shops and dwelling houses, and a lock-up shop adjoining, and is subject to a low ground rent of 6 per annum. Vacant possession of the two shops with dwelling houses will be given on completion, and the lock-up shop will be bought subject to a tenancy expiring on the 12th May 1929, and in respect of which a rental of 26 per annum will be received, the tenant being responsible for rates.


The entire premises are valued subject to the tenancy referred to at 1,950, and the purchase price agreed upon is 2,150.


The Chairman of the General Committee and Councillor Gelling (who visited the site) were strongly of opinion that the opportunity of acquiring this property, which is situate in a prominent position in a rapidly developing district, should not be allowed to pass, and authorised the purchase being agreed to, and the Committee are now asked to confirm their action.


2446   RESOLVED:- That the City Council be asked to approve the purchase of the leasehold property at the corner of Pelham Road and Belchers Lane at the sum of 2,150; that the action of the Chairman and Councillor Gelling in authorising the acquisition of the property be confirmed, and that the Town Clerk be instructed to enter into any necessary documents and to affix the Corporate Seal thereto.


Report to the City Council: October 19th 1926




Your Committee have had under consideration the question of providing Bank facilities in the area adjoining the Alum Rock Road tram terminus, and have satisfied themselves that the development of this area during the last few years is such as to justify the establishment there of a Branch Bank. An opportunity has occurred of acquiring property in an excellent position in the vicinity of the tram terminus, the premises in question comprising a retail shop and dwelling-house, No 2,  Belchers Lane, a retail shop and dwelling-house, No 1, Pelham Road, and a lock-up shop, No 1a, Pelham Road. Vacation possession of the two retail shops and dwelling-houses is offered on completion of the purchase, and the lock-up shop will be acquired subject to a letting which expires on the 12th May, 1929.


In view of the fact that the above-mentioned premises are held under a lease with two adjoining premises, Nos 22 and 24, Belchers Lane, it will be necessary for the Corporation to take an assignment of the whole of the property comprised in the said lease. Such lease has 83 years unexpired with a total ground rent of 10. 10s. per annum, for the payment of which the Bank will be responsible to the ground landlord. The Bank, however, will not have possession of Nos 22 and 24, Belchers Lane, which are sublet to another party for the whole term of the lease, less one day, at a ground rent of 4. 10s. per annum, but will be entitled to collect such ground rent from the under-lessee, leaving a net ground rent payable by the Bank in respect of No 2, Belchers Lane, and Nos 1 and 1a, Pelham Road (the property to be acquired by the Bank for their own requirements) of 6 per annum.


As the enjoyment of the part of the premises will not pass to the Bank, the consideration money has, of course, been calculated only in respect of the property actually being acquired by the Bank.


Your Committee are professionally advised that the agreed purchase price, viz; 2,150, is reasonable, and accordingly ask the Council to approve the purchase, the cost of which will be defrayed out of the funds of the Bank.


Bank Committee: November 15th 1926


The following Minute of the City Council passed on the presentation of the report of the Bank Committee on the 19th October last, was received:


It was moved by the Lord Mayor, seconded by Mr Councillor Gelling, and

Resolved - 27,874. That the proposed purchase of the property at the junction of Belchers Lane and Pelham Road, Alum Rock, at the sum of 2,150, such property being required for the purposes of a Municipal Bank, the cost being defrayed from the funds of the Bank, be approved and confirmed.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 14th 1927


1061 The Sub-Committee were informed that the tenant of the lock-up shop at No 1 Pelham Road, whose lease expired in 1929, was claiming through Messrs Bailey Cox & Co, Solicitors, under the terms of his lease, an option of the dwelling accommodation now vacant. The General Manager was instructed to authorise Mr Wilde to take the matter up with Messrs Bailey Cox & Co.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 14th 1927


1076 On Minute No 1061 (Pelham Road Property) the General Manager was directed to arrange for a temporary bank to be commenced pending possession of the whole of the property required by the Bank being obtained. The Minute was continued.


Report of the Town Clerk: March 19th 1927


1 & 1a, Pelham Road, & 2, 22 & 24, Belchers Lane, Alum Rock.


I have to report that I have completed the purchase from Mr Alexander Francis of the above property at the price of 2,150.


The property is held on Lease from Messrs Mitchells & Butlers Ltd, for 99 years from the 25th March 1911 at a ground rent of 10. 10. 0. Nos 22 & 24 Belchers Lane are subject to an Underlease granted to Thomas Hodges Spiers for the term of 99 years from the 25th March 1911 (except the last day) at a ground rent of 4. 10. 0. No 1a Pelham Road is a lock-up shop which is leased to James Giles Cornbill for 5 years from the 12th May 1924 at the yearly rent of 26. The remaining properties are vacant.


I have, in addition to the purchase money, paid the stamp duty on the Assignment amounting to 21. 10. 0.


Bank Committee: March 21st 1927


The General Manager reported that the Chairman had authorised the purchase of the freehold interest in property at the corner of Pelham Road and Belchers Lane, Alum Rock, (the leasehold of which was held by the Bank) on the basis of 25 years purchase of the ground rent which would amount to a sum of 262. 10. 0.


Bank Committee: April 25th 1927


On Minute No 2642 (purchase of freehold, Pelham Road property), it was:


2656  RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be instructed to arrange for the preparation of plans for the required alterations to the premises at Pelham Road to meet the Bank requirements, submitting the same to the General Purposes Sub-Committee in due course.


Bank Committee: June 20th 1927


The Committee were informed that at the last meeting of the General Purposes Sub-Committee the question of securing the accommodation occupied by Mr Cornbill at the Pelham Road premises had been considered and Mr Frank Wilde had been authorised to endeavour to obtain vacant possession on payment of the sum of 50 as compensation.


A communication has now been received from Messrs Bailey Cox & Co, stating that in their opinion the amount asked by their client for compensation, namely, 200, was reasonable, and asking that the question should be dealt with by the Committee direct.


2742   RESOLVED:- That Messrs Bailey Cox & Co be informed that the negotiations regarding Mr Cornbill's tenancy must be conducted with Mr Frank Wilde and that it is not proposed to increase the offer of 50 already made which, unless accepted, will not remain open.


Special Bank Committee: October 31st 1927


The following tenders were received and considered for alterations to premises at Pelham Road, Alum Rock:


Name of Tenderer

Amount of

Tender ()

George Mobbs


Isaac Langley


Lewis Gorton


B S White


A :Pearce and Son


E M Squire


Joseph I Fitter


H Dare and Son Ltd


James Moffat & Sons


G T Stephens & Sons


W Darby & Son


W E & H J Phillips


A J Teall & Son Ltd


W & W J Webb


Francis H Smith


Maddocks and Walford


George Webb and Son Ltd


S Heatley and Son



After carefully considering the list of tenders received and obtaining the City Surveyor's observations thereon, it was:


2821   RESOLVED:- That the tender of Messrs A J Teall and Son Ltd. at the sum of 2,413 for the carrying out of the required alterations at Pelham Road, Alum Rock, be accepted, the work to be completed within a period of seven months, and that the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare and affix the Corporate Seal to the necessary contract.


Report of the Town Clerk: November 4th 1927


Property at the corner of Pelham Road and Belchers Lane, Alum Rock.


I  have to report that I have completed the purchase from Messrs Mitchells and Butlers Ltd of the freehold interest in the above property known as No 1 and 1a Pelham Road and 2, 22 and 24 Belchers Lane, at the price of 262. 10. 0.


General Purposes Sub-Committee December 13th 1927


1192 The following communication from the Public Works and Town Planning Committee with regard to branches at Sparkhill and Alum Rock was received:


Plan No 45165, Municipal Bank, Stratford Road.

Plan No 45284, Municipal Bank, Pelham Road.

The City Surveyor submitted a report.


RESOLVED:- That the Bank Committee be informed that this Committee will raise no objection to the enclosing of the portion of land in Stratford Road and Pelham Road respectively referred to in the foregoing report.


The following communication was received from the City Engineer & Surveyor:


Plan No 45165, Municipal Bank, Stratford Road.

Plan No 45284, Municipal Bank, Pelham Road.


With reference to the above two plans for Municipal Banks, I beg to report that I have received two letters from the General Manager of the Bank stating that his Chairman is desirous of having low walls erected, as shown in pencil on these plans, to enclose the area which has been previously used by the public and to plant shrubs thereon. The Deputy Town Clerk has already communicated with the Manager and pointed out that in both these cases the land in question has been implicitly dedicated to the public.


I shall be glad to have your instructions on the matter.


The Sub-Committee were informed that consideration of this question would arise in connection with the general question regarding the terms offered to the Bank by the Public Works and other Committees.


The General Manager reported that he had, on the authority of the Chairman of the General Committee, obtained adjacent accommodation for the temporary use of the Alum Rock Branch during structural alterations, and had agreed to a payment therefor of 10/- per week.


1196  RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to confirm the action taken.


Continued ....