Short Heath
Premises - Short Heath
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from June 1925 to January 1936.

General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 8th 1925


The General Manager stated that he had been informed that a garage situate in Chester Road, Erdington, would be put up for sale in the second week of July


756     RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be authorised to ascertain the view of the Public Works Committee, and that Councillor Appleby and the General Manager be empowered to take such action as they may consider expedient in regard to the purchase of the property at the auction.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 13th 1925


The City Surveyor agreed that he would recommend his Committee to approve facilities being afforded with the co-operation of other Departments for the establishment of a Branch of the Bank in Sutton Road, Erdington, on the site of the old Tramway Waiting Room, at present utilised by the Public Works Department for lavatories and by the Gas Department for a booster house, the proposal being that the front portion of the site could be utilised for a Branch of the Bank, and the existing lavatories and gas booster house should be accommodated at the rear.


The General Manager intimated that the Gas Department had been approached to ascertain if their requirements could be met by setting back the booster house in the manner indicated. The Gas Department realised that the site was an important one, and were prepared to meet the Bank on suitable terms being arranged, which would have to cover the cost of removing the mains etc further back, estimated at 300, and taking over the loan charges, which amount to 58 per annum.


769     RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended that the General Manager be authorised to approach the Gas and Public Works Departments with a view to arrangements being made whereby a Branch of the Bank could be established on the site fronting Sutton Road, Erdington, on the lines above referred to.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 12th 1925


On Minute No 769 (Site at Sutton Road, Erdington) the following report of the General Manager and a communication from the Tramways Committee were submitted:


Chester Road Premises


The Gas Department have submitted proposals for moving the machinery and pipes from their present position to a position at the rear of the vacant land behind the present building (originally used as a Tramway Waiting Room) which proposal would involve an expenditure of 2,000.


The proposal suggested carrying the pipes along the main road and up Douay Road to the rear of the land, but the General Manager pointed out that such a moving round of the pipes appeared to him to be totally unnecessary, and that much easier arrangements could be made by taking the pipes by the side of the present building.


The Distributing Engineer of the Gas Department agreed, and promised to see the City Surveyor thereon as the scheme involved a portion of the present lavatory accommodation, and also a small strip of land by the side which is not a present used, but which does not belong to the Corporation.


After seeing the City Surveyor, the Gas Department stated that the lavatories could not be dispensed with, and that it would be necessary to provide similar accommodation in any reconstruction of the premises.


The City Surveyor has expressed his opinion that in view of the cost involved, it would be desirable for the Bank Committee to look elsewhere for premises for their purpose.


The position at the moment is (1) that the Tramways Committee have agreed to transfer the land to the Bank Committee on the approval of the City Council. (2) The Gas Department originally agreed to move their mains back on the Bank Committee paying the cost which was estimated to be about 300. (3) The City Surveyor, when attending a meeting of the Bank Committee, expressed his willingness to arrange the lavatory accommodation.


Having regard to the cost of moving the mains, and the erection of a building for the machinery of the Gas Department, and the provision of new lavatories, it does appear to the General Manager that the using of this site will be an expensive matter, and as there are at present shops and houses at the corner of Chester Road now being put up, the Committee may well consider the alternative of securing one of these, and abandoning the Tramway Waiting Room proposal. Of the two alternatives, the General Manager favours the renting or purchase of one of the lock-up shops now being erected.


The City Surveyor also appeared before the Sub-Committee and expressed his views on the cost which would be entailed by the Bank in connection with the establishment of a branch on the site in question.


Resolution of the Tramways Committee:

July 23rd 1925

RESOLVED:- That the Bank Committee be informed that subject to the approval of the City Council, this Committee has no objection to the transfer to the Bank Committee on terms to be arranged, of the land near the tram terminus in Sutton Road, Erdington.


791    RESOLVED:- That no further action be taken with regard to the building in Sutton Road, Erdington, and that the General Manager be authorised to endeavour to secure one of the lock-up shops, now being erected at the corner of Chester Road.


On Minutes Nos 611/669 (Sites for Branches) the General Manager presented the following report:


Sites for Branches


A special Sub-Committee, consisting of the Chairman and Councillor Stephens, visited several sites, and have furnished reports to the Committee on their visits:


(9)Short Heath District A site was suggested near to Short Heath Road at the junction of the new road, or alternatively at the junction of Bleak Hill Road and Perry Common Road. An offer of some land was made adjoining the new road now being constructed, and the Chairman after visiting the site came to the conclusion it was desirable to secure this land. Mr Wilde commenced negotiations and found that the Public Works and Town Planning Committee were already negotiating for land for road widening purposes, and the matter would probably have to go to arbitration. They also indicated that it would not be desirable for them to negotiate for additional land for the Bank at the same time as they were pressing for the price to be fixed for the road widening land, and Mr Wilde was then instructed to hold his hand until this had been settled, when he could then resume negotiations.


789     RESOLVED:- That further action with regard to the site in Shortheath Road be deferred until the negotiations being carried out by the Public Works Department are completed.

Bank Committee: October 19th 1925


The Committee were informed that the Chairman with Councillor Barrow and the General Manager had made enquiries regarding newly erected shops in Sutton Road, Erdington, near to the tram terminus. The Owner, however, was not willing to sell any of the shops in question, and his terms for letting with dwelling accommodation were 180, 170 and 160 each per annum respectively.


Three lock-up shops were also being erected near to the Garage at the corner of Chester Road and Sutton Road. The price asked for these was 100 each per annum without premium, or 75 each per annum with a premium of 100.


2163  RESOLVED:- That the proposal to purchase the shopping above referred to be not entertained.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 14th 1925


823 On Minute No 789 (Site in Shortheath Road) it was decided to defer consideration until the Public Works Department had been able to settle the sale price of the land with the District Valuer.


On Minute No 791 (Chester Road District) the General Manager reported that property No 159 Sutton Road, consisting of a Cafe and a dwellinghouse was in the market for purchase and he had instructed Messrs Carver and Company to obtain the necessary information.


824     RESOLVED:- That the General Manager's action be approved and that the matter be further considered when the information is to hand.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: April 12th 1926


On Minute No 789 (land - Shortheath Road) it was reported that Councillors Appleby and Gelling, after inspecting the land in question, had come to the conclusion that it would not be desirable to proceed further with the purchase from Mr Brain.


908     RESOLVED:- That the negotiations be discontinued and Minute No 789 discharged.


On Minute No 824 (premises near Erdington tram terminus) the General Manager reported that the owner of the shop No 159 Sutton Road, Erdington, was not proceeding further with regard to the sale of the property.


911     RESOLVED:- That Minute No 824 be discharged.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 14th 1928


The General Manager reported that in view of further branch facilities required at Erdington, enquiries had been made and an opportunity had now arisen to acquire about 580 square yards of land at the corner of Gravelly Lane and Station Road, Erdington, on a 99 years' lease at a ground rent of 30 per annum.


A plan was submitted prepared by Mr Harold Scott, Architect, showing how it would be possible to utilise the site for bank purposes.


1264  RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to approve the purchase of the land in question subject to the consent of the City Council, and to instruct the Town Clerk to enter into any necessary documents.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 16th 1928


Land - Corner of Gravelly Lane and Station Road, Erdington.


Your Sub-Committee report that as a result of further negotiations which have been entered into with the owners of the above mentioned site, arrangements have now been made for the purchase of the freehold of the land, which has an area of approximately 550 square yards, at the sum of 1 per square yard. It will be necessary to surrender a portion of this land for street widening purposes and negotiations have taken place with the Public Works Department with a view to suitable terms for the transfer being arranged.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that the purchase of the freehold on the terms mentioned be confirmed and that the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare and affix the Corporate Seal to any necessary documents in the matter, and that the land required for widening purposes be transferred to the Public Works Department on terms to be arranged.


Arrangements have been made for Mr Scott (Architect) to submit proposals for the erection of a Branch Bank on the site.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 8th 1928


1309   On Minute No 1296 - (Site, corner of Gravelly Lane and Station Road, Erdington), the General Manager reported that the legal and surveying charges in connection with the purchase had now been reduced from 80 to 67, and the action of the Chairman in instructing the Town Clerk to proceed with completion of the purchase was confirmed.


Report of the City Council: October 16th 1928


It was moved by Mr Councillor Cooper, seconded by Mr Councillor Spragg, and

Resolved: 28,790. That the proposal to purchase approximately 520 square yards of land situate at the corner of Station Road and Gravelly Lane, Erdington, at the price of 1 per square yard plus legal and surveyor's charges, be approved and confirmed, the purchase money being defrayed out of the funds of the Bank; that 284 square yards of such land required for street improvement works be transferred to the Public Works & Town Planning Committee upon agreed terms, also that the Committee be, and are hereby, authorised to accept a tender for the erection of a Branch Bank, including dwelling accommodation, on the remaining 236 square yards of the land.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 17th 1928


Your Sub-Committee have examined the plan and elevation prepared by Mr Harold Scott, Architect, for the erection of Branch premises on the land acquired by the Bank at the corner of Gravelly Lane and Station Road, Erdington.


The plan, which has been prepared on lines similar to other new Branch Bank premises, will be available for inspection at the meeting of your Committee. The estimated cost of the building is 3500, which compares favourably with Contracts of a like nature.


Report of the Town Clerk: January 1st 1929


I have to report that I have completed the purchase from the Trustees of the late Louisa Elizabeth Whitehouse for the sum of 520 of a piece of land situate at the corner of Station Road and Gravelly Lane, Erdington, and containing 520 square yards or thereabouts.


I have, in addition to the purchase money, made the following payments in the matter:


Vendors' Solicitors' costs

36.  5.  8.


Surveyors' charges

25. 0.  0.


Lessee's Solicitors' costs in

 relation to the re-arrangement

 of the Lease affecting the land


5. 15. 0.


Stamp duty


5. 10.  0.

Continued ....
Although a large, prestigious branch was due to be opened in March 1926 at an important site in Erdington, the Bank decided in 1925 that another office was required in the area. Initial enquiries related to properties in the area of the Erdington and Chester Road railway stations, but it was not until May 1928 that a site near to Erdington railway station was acquired. The large site (little more than half-a-mile from Erdington branch) at the junction of Station Road and Gravelly Lane allowed the Public Works Department to incorporate a road widening scheme. The branch was opened on January 4th 1930 - the Architect, Harold Scott, incorporated some architectural features that were also used at Billesley branch, which was opened a few months later.