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Report to the City Council: May 31st 1927




Your Committee have for several years been anxious to secure premises in the area of Bristol Street for the purposes of a Branch Bank, and have made efforts to obtain same without previous result. They have now, however, been successful in their negotiations for the purchase of the freehold property, Nos 36 and 38, Bristol Street, at the price of 2,500.


No 36, Bristol Street is a retail shop and dwelling-house, let at 50 per annum, and is subject to the Rent Restrictions Acts.


No 38, Bristol Street is the licensed premises known as the "Stafford Arms", possession of which will be given on completion. There is a small let off at the rear of the premises yielding a rental of 12 per annum, the tenancy being subject to three months' notice. The Vendors are erecting a new house in another district, which will be completed in less than 12 months, and the "Stafford arms" will then be given up and will become available for the purposes of the Bank.


Your Committee would have welcomed immediate possession, but in face of the difficulties experienced in securing a freehold site in the neighbourhood, they feel it very desirable to take advantage of the opportunity now presented to them. The Committee are professionally advised that the price is a reasonable one, and accordingly ask the approval of the Council to the purchase on the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the cost to be defrayed out of Bank funds.


It was moved by Alderman by Alderman Sir Percival Bower, seconded by Councillor Miss Martineau, and:

Resolved: 28159. That the proposal of the Bank Committee to purchase for Bank purposes the freehold property, Nos 36 and 38, Bristol Street, at the price of 2,500, be approved and confirmed, the purchase money to be defrayed out of Bank Funds.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 13th 1927


With reference to the property proposed to be acquired by the Bank at 36 & 38, Bristol Street, Horse Fair, the General Manager stated that on examination of the draft Contract the Town Clerk had pointed out that the date of completion of purchase was not defined and that there was no provision as to the course to be adopted if the transfer of licence was not agreed by the Magistrates. The General Manager had explained that the date of completion must be necessarily vague as it was dependent upon the new building which is in course of erection near Jockey Road, which might take twelve months to complete although Messrs Mitchells & Butlers stated that the premises might be ready in eight months. In any case the General Manager did not consider that it would be likely that the Magistrates would refuse to consent to the transfer in view of the action of Mitchells & Butlers in commencing new buildings and suggesting the disposal of the Stafford Arms. The General Manager had suggested that there should be a reference in the Contract to the plan which shows the position of the property and its boundaries.


1134   RESOLVED:- That the matters above referred to be referred to the Town Clerk and General Manager to take any necessary action.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 11th 1927


The Sub-Committee were informed that one of the sub-tenants at the rear of the premises 36/38, Bristol Street had inquired as to the purchase of same. Mr F Wilde had informed the sub-tenant that the matter would be brought to the notice of the Bank Committee.


1148   RESOLVED:- That the matter be referred to the Chairman and the Chairman of the General Committee with the General Manager to visit the premises in question, reporting their recommendations thereon in due course.


Bank Committee: July 18th 1927


On Minute No 2704 (Property 36-38 Bristol Street) the Chairman stated that as a result of a visit of inspection which had been made to the property in question he did not consider it desirable to part with any of the property at the rear, but he was convinced that in the interests of the Bank and of the tenants who might reside on the Bristol Street premises, it would be advisable to demolish the buildings at the rear.


2749  RESOLVED:- That on possession being obtained effect be given in dealing with the Bristol Street Property, to the views expressed by the Chairman.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 10th 1927


The General Manager reported that an application had been received from Messrs Adams & Co, to take over part of the premises at the rear of the property Nos 36 and 38 Bristol Street.


1170  RESOLVED:- That consideration of the matter be deferred until possession is obtained of the premises and the Committee have considered their own requirements.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 13th 1927


1195 The General Manager reported that he had been in communication with Messrs Mitchells & Butlers Limited who had informed him that the licence of the "Stafford Arms" Public House in Bristol Street would be surrendered when the building of their new Public House at Jockey Road was completed.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 9th 1928


1211 The General Manager reported that he had received permission to measure up the Bristol Street premises with a view to the preparation of the necessary alteration scheme.


Bank Committee: June 18th 1928


On Minute No 2704 (Property 36 & 38, Bristol Street) the Committee were informed that the formal application for the transfer of the licence from the Stafford Arms, Bristol Street, would be made to the Magistrates on the 15th November next.


3114  RESOLVED:- That the General Purposes Sub-Committee be directed to arrange for a scheme to be prepared for the alteration of the Bristol Street premises with a view to tenders being obtained for the carrying out of the work when possession of the premises can be obtained.


Bank Committee: October 15th 1928


Property No 36-38, Bristol Street.


The transfer of license of the "Stafford Arms" to other premises has now been sanctioned by the Magistrates and your Sub-Committee have authorised the General Manager to instruct Mr Norman Twist (Architect) to prepare plans for the Branch Bank.


November 12th 1928


On Minute No 2704 (Property, Nos 36-38 Bristol Street) the Town Clerk presented the following report as to the completion of the purchase:


November 10th 1928


I have to report that I have completed the purchase from Messrs Mitchells & Butlers Ltd, for the sum of 2,500 of Nos 36 and 38 Bristol Street. No 36 and the shopping at the rear are subject to existing tenancies, and No 38, formerly "the Stafford Arms", is now dislicensed and vacant possession was given on completion.


I have in addition to the purchase money paid the stamp duty amounting to 25.


3235  RESOLVED:- That Minute No 2704 be discharged.


The following report was submitted with regard to arrangements made on the authority of the Chairman for the existing tenant and sub-tenant of No 36 Bristol Street to vacate the premises:


Possession has now been obtained of No 38 Bristol Street, formerly "The Stafford Arms" licensed premises, and the Architect has been instructed to submit a scheme for reconstructing the premises to serve the purposes of a Branch Bank, and in connection with such scheme to allow for the ultimate bringing in of the shop and house No 36 Bristol Street.


Mr Wilde has approached the tenant of the shop, who is protected by the Rent Restrictions Acts, with a view to giving possession, and has made an offer of 100 on the authority of the Chairman, conditionally on a written undertaking being given by the tenant to vacate by the 24th June 1929. The Town Clerk has also been instructed to give six months' notice to the tenant to determine the tenancy at the date mentioned.


The tenant has seen Mr Wilde, and explained that the sub-tenant will not leave without compensation, and asks the Bank to pay him (the tenant) 110 so that he can give the sub-tenant 10, the latter having tentatively agreed to vacate on such payment being made to him.


The decision of the Committee is desired.


3236  RESOLVED:- That the arrangements made for the payment of 110 to the tenant of No 36 Bristol Street on consideration of vacant possession of the property being given to the Bank be confirmed; and that the action taken in instructing the Town Clerk to give the tenant in question six months' notice to terminate the tenancy on the 24th June 1929, be confirmed.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 10th 1928


1325   On Minute Nos 1293 and 1307 (Property 36 and 38, Bristol Street), the General Manager reported that the tenant of No 36, Bristol Street had agreed to vacate the premises in consideration of the sum of 110 being paid to him.


The Architect had been asked to prepare a scheme for adapting the premises to the needs of a Bank or for entire reconstruction, and his proposals would be submitted to the Sub-Committee at an early date.


Bank Committee: December 10th 1928


On Minute No 1320, the General Manager presented the following report with regard to the available use of land and buildings purchased for branch bank purposes:

Land & Buildings

Finance Sub-Committee: February 11th 1929


The General Manager submitted a letter received from the Royal London Mutual Insurance Society enquiring as to the possibility of acquiring office accommodation in connection with the Bank premises in Bristol Street.


298    RESOLVED:- That consideration of the matter be deferred and the General Manager be directed to discuss the matter with the Architect.


Finance Sub-Committee: March 11th 1929


305     On Minute No 298 the General Manager reported that he had directed the Architect to take the question of office accommodation into consideration in preparing plans for the Bristol Street premises.


Bank Committee: March 18th 1929


The General Manager submitted plans prepared by Mr N Twist, Architect, for the building of bank premises on the site at present occupied by the Stafford Arms, in Bristol Street. Two alternative schemes were shown for accommodation in addition to the bank offices; one for the provision of self contained offices and a small flat and the other for the construction of one large flat. The estimated cost of carrying out either of the schemes was 4,000. After consideration, it was:


3382   RESOLVED:- That the plan submitted by the architect for the erection of bank premises with the provision of self contained office and a small flat be approved; also that the General Manager be instructed to obtain tenders for the carrying out of the work, submitting the same to the General Purposes Sub-Committee.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 13th 1929


On Minutes Nos 1293 and 1307 (36 and 38, Bristol Street) the following report of the General Manager was received:


The Chairman has visited this site in company with the Architect and myself, and after inspecting the buildings, including those at the rear, we have come to the conclusion that the wisest course will be to have an entire demolition. The buildings at the rear are not worth repairing, and no useful purpose would be served in their being retained.


Under an agreement which was entered into between Messrs Mitchells and Butlers and Mr A L Crockford, three months' notice expiring on the usual quarter day must be given to determine the tenancy, and as a portion of the buildings are in occupation by a carpenter and joiner, the Chairman has requested the Town Clerk to give notice immediately so as to determine the tenancy on the 29th September.


The Committee are asked to approve the action of the Chairman.


1396  RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to authorise arrangements to be made, in preparing the scheme for the provision of a Branch Bank in Bristol Street, for the entire demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of new premises; also to approve the action of the Chairman in authorising the Town Clerk to determine the tenancy of the occupied premises at the 29th September next.


M808, M810/1: General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 10th 1929

On Minutes Nos 1293 and 1307 (Property 36 and 38 Bristol Street), the following tenders were received and opened for the carrying out of the demolition of existing premises and the erection of a branch Bank, offices and flat:


Name of Tenderer



Amount of

Tender ()

T Elvins & Sons



Francis H Smith



D S White



W & J Webb



James Broomfield & Son



C P Swift & Sons Ltd



William Bishop



Richard Fenwick Ltd

- do -


J Pearce & Son



George Mobbs



T W Edwards & Sons



William Sapcote & Sons



Lewis Gorton



C Bryant & Son Ltd



Geo Webb & Son Ltd



B Whitehouse & Sons, Ltd




1413   RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to accept the lowest tender, namely, that of Mr George Mobbs, amounting to the sum of 3,987, the work to be completed within a period of six months, and to instruct the Town Clerk to seal the necessary Contract.


1418  The General Manager reported that an offer had been received to buy certain portions of the land at the rear of 36 and 38 Bristol Street, together with the old buildings. On the authority of the Chairman he had informed the applicants that the Bank were not prepared to part with the land in question, and the Sub-Committee confirmed the action taken in the matter.


Bank Committee: June 17th 1929


On Minute No 3426, the Town Clerk presented the following report as to giving notice to quit to the tenant of shopping at the rear of Nos 36 and 38 Bristol Street.


June 17th 1929


Shopping at rear of 36 & 38 Bristol St.


I have to report that I have given to the Tenant of the above premises a Notice to Quit and deliver up the same to the Corporation on the 29th day of September next.


3457   RESOLVED:- That Minute No 3426 be discharged.

Continued ....