Premises - Stechford
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from July 1921 to April 1939.

Bank Committee: July 18th 1921


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee:


Branch at Stechford.


Your Sub-Committee are informed that there is a possibility of establishing a branch at the YMCA premises at Stechford. It is understood that the Association are prepared to allocate a room for this purpose on two evenings a week (Saturdays and Mondays 7 - 8.30pm) at a weekly rental of 5/-, they recommend that subject to the Manager being satisfied that suitable arrangements can be made, an evening Branch be opened at Stechford on the lines indicated.


876 RESOLVED:- That, subject to the Manager being satisfied that suitable arrangements can be made with the YMCA an Evening Branch be opened at Stechford on the lines indicated in the foregoing report.


Bank Committee: September 19th 1921


On Minute No 876, the Manager reported that arrangements had been made for the Evening branch at Stechford to be opened on Tuesday, September 20th. The arrangements as to accommodation had been made with the local Committee, over which Mr Councillor Lancaster presides, and not with the YMCA. Mr Clayton, who had been instrumental in raising money for war and other purposes in Stechford, would have charge of the branch.


903 RESOLVED:- That Minute No 876, be discharged.


Bank Committee: December 18th 1922


The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Stechford Branch.


Your Sub-Committee report that the business transacted at the Stechford Branch does not warrant the opening of the same on Mondays and Saturday evenings.


They have accordingly directed that this Branch be opened on Friday evenings only from 6pm to 8pm, this arrangement commencing on the 1st January next.


1293 RESOLVED:- That the Report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee be approved and the various actions therein referred to confirmed.


Bank Committee: February 19th 1923


The attention of the Committee was directed to certain premises at Stechford which, it was considered, would be suitable for Branch Bank purposes.


1364 RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be authorised to obtain from Mr Wilde a report with regard to the premises, and that the matter be referred to the General Purposes Sub-Committee for consideration.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 12th 1923


The General Manager reported that the property referred to had now been sold.


Bank Committee: July 25th 1924


1840 The General Manager submitted particulars of property to be let or bought in the Stechford district and advised the Committee not to take any action in either direction at present but to keep a look out for a suitable site or building for use in the near future. The Committee agreed to the course proposed.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 8th 1925


On Minutes Nos 611 and 669 (sites for branches) the General Manager presented the following report:






1834 Houses (approx.) to be erected to the west of Stuarts Road and Clements Road.


694 Houses to be erected to the east of Belchers Lane and north of the Fever Hospital.


Smaller plots of 64, 57, 43 & 35 adjacent.


80 Houses and 12 Houses to be erected near to Stechford Station.


Site: (a) Five Ways, Stechford

         (b) Holm Lea, Yardley


Existing bus service takes the route of Station Road, Stechford, Stoney Lane and Church Road to South Yardley.


Prospective bus services are scheduled:


(1) from Cole Ford, down Church Road to the junction of existing bus services at Yew Tree House.

(2) from Kitts Green into Church Road.

(3) along Yardley Fields Road from Church Road to Five Ways where it joins existing bus service from Small Heath.

(4) from Five Ways to Stechford Station.

(5) from Five Ways to Station Road, Stechford.


Bank Committee: January 18th 1926


Land, Station Road, Stechford.


An opportunity has arisen of purchasing approximately 600 square yards of freehold land at the corner of Station Road and Lyttleton Road, Stechford, at the price of 15/- per square yard.


Your Sub-Committee are of opinion that this site will be an important one, having regard to the development of the district, and they recommend that the purchase be completed at the price named, subject to the approval of the City Council.


2236   RESOLVED:- That, subject to the approval of the City Council, the Town Clerk be instructed to complete the purchase of approximately 600 sq yards of freehold land at the corner of Station Road and Lyttleton Road, Stechford, referred to in the foregoing report, at the price of 450 and to enter into any necessary agreement, affixing the Corporate Seal thereto.


Report to the City Council: February 2nd 1926




Extensive enquiries have been made for suitable land in the Stechford district for the purpose of erecting a Branch bank thereon, and the Committee are pleased to report that a freehold plot at the corner of Lyttleton Road and Station Road, consisting of 600 square yards, can be obtained for the sum of 450. They are professionally advised that this amount is a fair price for the site in question.


For several years an evening Branch has been conducted in a portion of the neighbouring YMCA building, but, as in other cases, it is found that business conducted under these conditions is not popular with the public. The purchase of the land in question would enable the Branch to be better developed in a self-contained temporary building provided by the Bank until such time as the Committee feel justified in erecting a permanent structure.


The approval of the Council is accordingly asked to the purchase at the price named, which will be defrayed out of Bank funds.


Bank Committee: February 15th 1926


2257 The following Minutes of the City Council passed on presentation of the Report of the Bank Committee on the 2nd February 1926 were received:


It was moved by Mr Councillor Appleby, seconded by Mr Alderman Lovsey, and

Resolved: 27,540. That the proposed purchase by the Bank Committee of a piece of freehold land at Stechford, situate at the corner of Lyttleton Road and Station Road, with an area of 600 square yards, for Bank purposes, at the price of 450, be approved and confirmed, the purchase money to be defrayed out of the funds of the Bank.


2265 On Minute No 2236 (purchase of land at the corner of Lyttleton Road and Station Road, Stechford) the Committee were informed that previous to executing the Contract permission had been applied for to erect the wooden building on the site. The Minute was continued.


Report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 15th 1926


Temporary Branches at Brookvale, Stechford and Bordesley Green East.


The Public Works Committee have approved of portable wooden buildings being place on these sites, and are prepared to issue licences for three years in each case.


Bank Committee: June 21st 1926


On Minute 2236, the Town Clerk presented the following report as to the completion of the purchase of land at the junction of Station Road and Lyttleton Road, Stechford:


Minute No 2236 - Joseph Taylor to the Corporation.


Land at junction of Lyttleton Rd and Station Rd, Stechford.


As instructed by the above Minute I have completed the purchase from Mr Joseph Taylor of 600 sq yds of land situate at the junction of Station Road and Lyttleton Road, Stechford, and have made the following payments:


           Purchase money with interest       452. 15. 4.

           Stamp duty                                               2. 5. 0.


It was necessary to obtain the consent of the Vendor and the owners of the adjoining land to the erection of a temporary building in breach of a covenant entered into with Mrs Smith-Ryland, and so far as I have been able to ascertain the consent of all interested persons have been obtained.


2378   RESOLVED:- That Minute No 2236 be discharged.

Report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 18th 1926


Stechford Branch


The tenancy of the YMCA Hut has been terminated, and the business of the branch is now being conducted in one of the temporary buildings, which has been erected on the site acquired by the Bank at the corner of Station and Lyttleton Roads.



General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 8th 1928


The report of the General Manager dealing with land surrounding the temporary buildings utilised by the Bank was submitted:


Land surrounding temporary buildings.


The enclosed lands surrounding wood buildings erected to serve the purpose of temporary Banks in several parts of the City, have for some time presented an untidy appearance owing to the presence of weeds, etc, and complaints have been made as to their condition.


No arrangements existed for keeping the grounds tidy and attending to the shrubs, and with a view to improving the appearance of the grounds, I approached the General Manager of the Estates Department on the matter.


Mr Wallace Smith had an inspection made of the particular grounds and gave an estimate of cost for forking out and removing weeds, cultivating and levelling the soil, trimming privet hedges, and keeping the gardens and hedges in a tidy condition for twelve months, as follows:



. s. d.


15.15. -


15.15. -

Perry Common

15.15. -

Pype Hayes

15.15. -


15.15. -

Bordesley Green

6. 10. -


6. 10. -


6. 10. -



Mr Smith further stated that the grounds would receive attention once each month.


These prices were considered excessive, and Mr Wallace Smith agreed that they appeared unduly high, but explained that considerable labour would be involved in getting rid of the weeds and destroying same, but that after the grounds had been properly cleared it would not be so expensive to keep them tidy.


In view of the urgent need for something to be done, instructions were given to the Estates Department to proceed with the work, on the understanding that the question of cost would be settled between the General Manager of the Estates Department and myself when we could have before us particulars of the time spent on the work. At the end of twelve months, Mr Smith will be able to quote a more favourable price for attending to the grounds, which he thought would work out at approximately 7. 10. -d per year for the first five grounds mentioned above, and 1. 10. -d for the last three.


I ask for the approval of the Committee to the action taken in having the grounds attended to at once.


1315   RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be instructed to communicate with the Secretary of the Parks Department with a view to obtaining a price for attention to the gardens for a period of twelve months.


Bank Committee: December 10th 1928


On Minute No 1320, the General Manager presented the following report with regard to the available use of land and buildings purchased for branch bank purposes:

Land & Buildings
Continued ....
The city's last major tram route opened to Stechford in 1924 with the beginning of major housing developments in the area which were a mixture of private and council housing. The Bank initially provided a limited facility at the YMCA with little success. As the district's population grew, a plot of land was purchased in May 1926 and a temporary wooden building used to provide branch facilities. In November 1929 it was decided to construct a permanent branch on this site together with a shop - both branch and shop also had flats included. The permanent branch was officially opened on November 8th 1930