Current Accounts
Early BMB Cheque Book
The Cheque Book illustrated below appeared in a Bank advertisement in 1969. It shows the pre-decimalisation method of writing a cheque - ie the amount is in Pounds, Shillings, and Pence, with the complete amount being written in words as well as figures. The cheque bears the 'Stamp Duty Paid' symbol, certifying that the Bank has paid this duty (2d per cheque) to the Treasury. The charge was recouped from the customer: a book of 30 cheques at 2d equalled 5/- (Five Shillings = 25 pence).

The customer's account number (91-0110, actually fictious, as Branch 91 did not exist) is shown below the crossing. This system of account numbering was used prior to computerisation - the first two digits representing the customer's branch (see Branch Sort Codes) and the number after the hyphen being allocated on a consecutive basis.