Head Office
Edmund Street
Head Offices of the Bank
at 6 and 8 Edmund Street:
July 6th 1925 to November 27th 1933
The Bank's first self-contained Head Office
The General Office, which was located upstairs.
Note the sole telephone, located on top of the roll-front desk at the left of the photograph
The General Manager's Office, which exhibits some of the features that were later to be seen in the Broad Street Head Office:
 - branch photographs on the wall;
 - an Honours Board listing staff successes in
           professional examinations;
 - a 'roll-up' calendar
The office is shown in use at:
General Manager and Senior Officers - 1925
Note, also:
 - the portrait of Neville Chamberlain;
 - the three ink wells on the table
Staff Canteen