Key to Branch Entries
Each branch's page (see Example below) commences with a box showing the following:
 - Branch Name: as at November 20th 1979 (previous names, where applicable, are also detailed in the entry);
                               or at date of branch closure;

 - Branch Designatory Letter(s): 1 or 2 letters that uniquely identified a branch's individual account numbers, prior to computerisation;

 - Branch Designatory Number: 2 digit code that replaced Letter(s) upon Computerisation;
          (see Numbering of Accounts and Branch Sort Codes regarding Designatory Letters and Numbers)
 - The year that the branch was established in a permanent location,
    and its ranking in the chronological order in which permanent branches were opened;
 - Link(s) to Map(s) that show the branch's location in relation to Birmingham's Town Hall;
 -Branch Address and Phone Number: as at November 20th 1978;
           where this is not the original permanent address, the original is also stated

Branch Name
Also shown are:
A location map (see NOTE below) to show where a branch was situated in the district it served. These maps are all to the same scale and cover an area approximately 0.8-miles measured west to east.
Available details regarding the  history of the branch site, such as
 - location
 - official opening(s)
 - previous addresses
 - previous names
 - date of closure (where applicable and known); where business was transferred to
 - opening hours etc if originally a part-time branch, or non-standard hours worked
 - reference to any sub-branches
 - any other information
Branch Statistics - limited information is available, but where applicable Deposit Balances are given at March 31st 1921, 1926,
                                    1946, and 1947, plus data regarding number of Open Accounts and number of Transactions.
                                   Deposit Balances for other years are listed separately.
Names of Managers are listed where known, but there are substantial gaps in this information, particularly in the 1940s and 1950s.
See Branch Management for lists of Managers by Branch in specific years.
Photographs (where available):
 - historical: these include some early 20th-Century photographs illustrating the location of the branch. These images originate from a very large collection of old picture postcards accumulated by Joan Dunne, and now in the possession of Les Williams, who has kindly agreed to the reproduction of them on this website;

 - use of the premises, post-1979
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NOTE: all location maps