Branch Commemoration Tablets
The commemoration tablet for the original ALUM ROCK branch. The premises were rebuilt following
bomb damage in the Second World War
All BMB branches had a bronze tablet fixed to an internal wall that recorded the date of its official opening. These Commemoration Tablets (size: 27 inches by 16 inches) were mostly of a standard pattern with cream enamel lettering as shown by this example which was displayed in ASTON CROSS branch.
(photo by David Glenn)
The first of the Bank's Commemoration Tablets:
The tablet was made by the Birmingham Guild,
later versions were made by Bronamel Signs of
Brearley Street, Birmingham
This tablet at ROTTON PARK branch records one of the three openings conducted by Neville Chamberlain - at the time when he held the office of Minister of Health
The third occasion when Neville Chamberlain's name is recorded on a tablet -
the opening of the Bank's Head Offices
A tablet that does not conform to the general pattern:
Except in the case of the Edmund Street Head Offices, until 1926 the tablets did not record the name of the Bank's General Manager; this tablet at NORTHFIELD branch, was the first to do so
KINGS HEATH branch: the second tablet affixed at this branch, which replaced an earlier one
(April 24th 1922) at the previous building on
the same site
The commemoration tablet for WEOLEY CASTLE branch; one of only four offices opened during the Second World War
(photo by Christine Skett)
Each Tablet featured the City of Birmingham Coat of Arms