1052 Pershore Road, Birmingham B29 7PX
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In  1926, the Bank identified land at the junction of Pershore Road and Dogpool Lane as being suitable for a branch to service this area of the city. The land (formerly the site of the old Dogpool Inn - see below) was owned by the City Council's Tramways Department, and consisted of 1,289 square yards. Agreement was reached with the Tramways Department for transfer of the land to the Bank, but approximately 829 square yards were required by the Public Works and Town Planning Department for road widening purposes, leaving 460 square yards for utilisation by the Bank.
On this corner site, a substantial building was erected that included not only the branch, but also other commercial premises with residential accommodation above. The branch was formally opened on September 15th 1928, by the Lord Mayor (Alderman A H James).
During part of the Second World War, the branch was one of twenty-two offices that were opened on a restricted basis due to a shortage of staff. Details at Combination of Branches.
Attendees at the official branch opening include the Lord Mayor on the left edge of the doorway with the Bank's Chairman on his left. The Bank's General Manager (J P Hilton) and his Deputy (Frank Ellison) are on the right of the group
the premises are now a fast-food takeaway
Selly Park branch, shortly after completion of the new premises in 1928. The building lies across the corner of Pershore Road (to the left) and Dogpool Lane (to the right)
Interior of Selly Park branch in 1928
below right:
The same road junction, shortly after Selly Park branch was built. The tram lines of the Pershore Road disappear into the distance, towards Birmingham's city centre
(below) Pershore Road side of the premises -
the branch of Barclays Bank has also been closed
(right) the Dogpool Lane side of the premises
now houses a Post Office
Barclays Bank are still the Bank's tenants in 1955 as shown in a photograph taken at the time of an extension being built to the adjacent telephone exchange
1929 to 1931 - A M Hodgkins
1934 - H B Davis
1937 - W Buxton
1958 - G Hidson
1959 & 1961 - H Calver
1963 - A Clemons
1965 to 1970 - S C Stringer
1971 - G J Sherborne
1972 - K T Burden
1973 - D J Holbeche
1974 - R J Harper
1975 - K N Parkes
1976 - C M Humphries
1977 - S R Pink
The Selly Park Estate was developed as an area of large plots for upper and middle-class housing in the second half of the 19th-century. It lies between the Bristol and Pershore Roads, 3-miles south of Birmingham's centre. However, this upmarket estate was unlikely to be a major source of customers for a branch in the Selly Park/Ten Acres area. Development along the Pershore Road from Birmingham brought potential customers as terraced houses and tunnel back houses were built through Ten Acres towards Stirchley and Cotteridge.
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= location of the branch at the corner of Pershore Road and Dogpool Lane
below (September 15th 1928):
The Bank's Chairman (Sir Percival Bower) speaking on the branch's doorstep during the official opening ceremony. Barclays Bank occupy part of the building erected by the BMB, and are their tenants
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below left:
An early 20th-Century view of the corner site of
Pershore Road and Dogpool Lane, then occupied by the Dogpool Inn