Premises - Sparkhill
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from November 1926 to July 1939. Although by 1926, the Bank had two branches on the Stratford Road that were barely 1-mile apart (Sparkbrook and Springfield, the latter then known as Sparkhill) the Committee were keen to establish another office between the two. A site at the corner of Stratford Road and Shakespeare Street was purchased - a restricted area that proved difficult to utilise as a satisfactory branch over the ensuing years. An initial adaptation of the premises was designed by the City Surveyor, but this was thought to be too expensive and a revised plan (by H Stewart  Evans) was approved by the City Council on October 7th 1927. The branch was officially opened on July 21st 1928 (right). An adaption was soon required (1932) and the architect for this work was also Stewart Evans

Bank Committee: November 15th 1926


The General Manager submitted the following report with regard to negotiations for the purchase of 482/484 Stratford Road:


Purchase of Property, 482-484 Stratford Road.


The General Purposes Sub-Committee have had under consideration the question of purchasing property situate at the corner of Shakespeare Street and Stratford Road, owned by Mr H Thompson, Chemist. The property comprises:


On the Ground Floor: A retail shop with a room adjoining, and kitchen and pantry.


On the First Floor: Two bedrooms and a corner room. These are in the occupation of a Dentist, on a quarterly tenancy at 52 per annum, the Landlord paying rates.


On the Second Floor: Two attic bedrooms.


There are two entrances to the property.


The site is a most important one, and is about equi-distant from the present Sparkbrook and Sparkhill Branches, and the property is leasehold, with 59 years to run, the ground rent being 11 per annum.


The property was originally valued at 1,750 freehold, and the General Purposes Sub-Committee authorised Mr Wilde to go to 1,900 to secure the same, with power to the Chairman of the full Committee and the two Sub-Committee Chairmen to authorise the purchase being effected at a reasonable figure above that amount if it was found absolutely necessary. The freehold, however, belongs to a lady in Torquay, and forms part of a larger plot. Mr Wilde, after many interviews, succeeded in  getting the property placed on offer at 1,525, and after conferring with the Chairman and other Members of the Committee at the Council Meeting on Tuesday last, the General Manager instructed Mr Wilde to effect the purchase.


2515  RESOLVED:- That the foregoing report be approved, that the action taken in authorising Mr Wilde to effect the purchase of the leasehold of the property 482/484 Stratford Road at the sum of 1525. 0. 0. be confirmed; also that the City Council be asked to approve the purchase, and that the Town Clerk be instructed to enter into any necessary documents affixing the Corporate Seal thereto.


Extract from the Report by the General Manager for the year ended December 31st 1926:



During the year sites have been purchased at Selly Park, Pype Hayes, and Hall Green, and premises purchased at Moseley, Sparkhill and Alum Rock.


Report to the City Council: January 4th 1927




Your Committee have for some time past considered it desirable that premises for Branch Bank purposes should be secured at a point approximately equidistant between the Sparkbrook Branch and the Branch at Springfield, so as to meet the convenience of persons who live some distance from either of the Branches named, particularly on the Greet side of the district. After lengthy negotiations it has now been possible to secure property known as Nos 482 and 484, Stratford Road, consisting of a retail shop with room adjoining, kitchen, and pantry, on the ground floor, two bedrooms and a boxroom on the first floor, and two bedrooms on the second floor.


The accommodation on the first floor is let on a quarterly tenancy at a rental of 52 per annum, inclusive of rates.


The property is leasehold, having 59 years unexpired, with a ground rent of 11 per annum, and the purchase has been agreed at the sum of 1,525, which your Committee are professionally advised is a reasonable figure, having regard to the good condition of the property and the importance of the site.


They accordingly ask the City Council to approve the purchase, the cost of which will be defrayed out of the funds of the Bank.


Bank Committee: January 17th 1927


2555   The following Minutes of the City Council passed on the presentation of the report of the Bank Committee on the 4th instant were received:

Your Committee ask the Council to approve the purchase of the existing leasehold at the price named, and to authorise that an agreement be entered into for a new lease, and that the property be reconstructed, on the lines above indicated. The whole cost will be defrayed out of the funds of the Bank.


It was moved by Alderman Sir Percival Bower, seconded by Mr Alderman Lovsey, and

Resolved - 27,995. That the purchase of the leasehold property Nos 482 and 484, Stratford Road, at the price of 1,525, such property being required for Bank purposes, be confirmed, the purchase money being defrayed from the funds of the Bank.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 14th 1927


The General Manager reported that Mr Wilde had made enquiries with reference to the question of purchasing the freehold of 482/4, Stratford Road, and had been informed that such freehold was part of a block of five houses and the freeholders would only dispose of their interest as a whole, and had mentioned a basis of 30 years purchase price.


1060   RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be directed to instruct Mr Wilde to negotiate for the purchase of the freehold of the block in question with the view to acquiring the same on the basis of 25 years purchase of the ground rent, reporting to this Sub-Committee thereon.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 14th 1927


1075 On Minute No 1060 (freehold - 482/484, Stratford Road) the General Manager submitted a letter from Mr Frank Wilde stating that the freehold could not be obtained at present. One of the parties to the freehold, Mrs M A Mabbutt, was at present residing in Melbourne, Australia, and the purchase could not be effected without her consent to the sale.


Report of the Town Clerk: April 25th 1927


482-484, Stratford Road, Sparkhill.

Minute No 2515.


I have to report that in accordance with the above Minute I have completed the purchase from Mr Hubert Bertram Thompson for the sum of 1,525 of the above premises. The property is leasehold, for a term of 99 years from the 29th September 1886, except the last three days thereof, at a yearly ground rent of 11.


I have in addition to the purchase money paid the stamp duty on the Assignment amounting to 15. 10. 0.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: April 25th 1927


Naming of Branches.


In order to avoid any possible confusion in connection with the nomenclature of 482-4, Stratford Road (the newly acquired premises at Sparkhill) and No 801, Stratford Road (which up to the present has been known as the Sparkhill Branch), your Sub-Committee have made arrangements that in future Nos 482-4, Stratford Road shall be known as the Sparkhill Branch and the premises No 801, Stratford Road shall be called the Springfield Branch. 


General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 11th 1927


On Minute No 1106 (482 and 484, Stratford Road), the General Manager submitted a plan showing the proposals of the City Surveyor for the adaption of these premises, the estimated cost of the proposals being 2,250, which the Sub-Committee thought too costly having regard to the condition and size of the premises, it was:


1144   RESOLVED:- That the matter be referred to the Chairman and the Chairman of the General Committee with the General Manager with a view to an alternative plan being prepared by an independent Architect.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 10th 1927


An application by Mr E A Hinks was considered for the temporary use of the shop at the corner of Stratford Road and Shakespeare Street for election purposes.


1172   RESOLVED:- That the application be acceded to on terms to be arranged with Mr Frank Wilde, as Agent for the Bank.


Bank Committee: October 17th 1927


The Committee considered tenders which had been received for alterations to the premises situate at the corner of Stratford Road and Shakespeare Street as follows:


Name of Tenderer

Time for



Amount of Tender

. s. d.

George Mobbs


1947. 0. 0.

E M Squire


2178. 0 . 0.

G T Stephens & Sons


2117. 16. 0.

Isaac Langley


2227. 0. 0.

Parsons & Morrin


2013. 0. 0.

Joseph I Fitter


1998. 10. 0.

Lewis Gorton


2018. 0. 0.

James Moffat & Sons


2350. 0. 0.

W & J Webb


2278. 0. 0.

Alfred Wright


2334. 0. 0.

A J Teald & Son Ltd


1993. 0. 0.

A Pearce & Son


1900. 0. 0.

C Bryant & Son Ltd


1950. 0. 0.

Francis H Smith


2058. 0. 0.

W Darby & Son


2050. 0. 0.

E Crowder


1997. 0. 0.


2815   RESOLVED:- That the tender of Messrs A Pearce & Son at the sum of 1,900 for the carrying out of the required alterations at the Bank premises at the corner of Stratford Road and Shakespeare Street be accepted, the work to be completed within a period of six months, and that the Town Clerk be instructed to enter into the required contract and to affix the Corporate Seal thereto.


General Purposes Sub-Committee December 13th 1927


1192 The following communication from the Public Works and Town Planning Committee with regard to branches at Sparkhill and Alum Rock was received:


Plan No 45165, Municipal Bank, Stratford Road.

Plan No 45284, Municipal Bank, Pelham Road.

The City Surveyor submitted a report.

RESOLVED:- That the Bank Committee be informed that this Committee will raise no objection to the enclosing of the portion of land in Stratford Road and Pelham Road respectively referred to in the foregoing report.


The following communication was received from the City Engineer & Surveyor:


Plan No 45165, Municipal Bank, Stratford Road.

Plan No 45284, Municipal Bank, Pelham Road.

With reference to the above two plans for Municipal Banks, I beg to report that I have received two letters from the General Manager of the Bank stating that his Chairman is desirous of having low walls erected, as shown in pencil on these plans, to enclose the area which has been previously used by the public and to plant shrubs thereon. The Deputy Town Clerk has already communicated with the Manager and pointed out that in both these cases the land in question has been implicitly dedicated to the public.


I shall be glad to have your instructions on the matter.


The Sub-Committee were informed that consideration of this question would arise in connection with the general question regarding the terms offered to the Bank by the Public Works and other Committees.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 10th 1928.


On Minute No 1320, the General Manager presented the following report with regard to the available use of land and buildings purchased for branch bank purposes:

Land & Buildings

1329   RESOLVED:- That the foregoing report of the General Manager be approved.


Finance Sub-Committee: January 12th 1931


The General Manager reported that the following tender for painting at Sparkhill has been accepted by the Chairman:

J H Simmons: 32. 10. 0.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 14th 1931


The General Manager reported as to the necessity for alterations and extensions at Sparkhill, Saltley and Acock's Green Branches. A plan was submitted, prepared by Mr Stewart Evans, of the proposed alterations of the Sparkhill Branch to give increased accommodation, at a total estimated cost of 1,570, and it was:


1713A        RESOLVED:- That the plan of the proposed alterations at Sparkhill Branch be approved and the General Manager instructed to take the necessary steps for obtaining tenders for carrying out the work.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 21st 1931


Alterations at Sparkhill Branch.


In view of the rapid development of this Branch and the restricted accommodation at present afforded, it is urgently necessary to provide additional counter space and accommodation for the public, with more reasonable facilities for the staff.


A scheme has accordingly been prepared whereby the counter run will be increased by ten feet and improved facilities afforded.


Your Sub-Committee have approved the plan prepared by Mr Stewart Evans, showing the proposed alterations, which are estimated to cost 1,570, and the General Manager has been instructed to take the necessary steps for obtaining tenders to carry out the work. The plan in question will be submitted for the inspection of the Committee.

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