Premises - Springfield
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from February 1920 to October 1939.
After the Bank opened a branch at Sparkbrook on the first day of operation (September 1st 1919), efforts were made to find other premises further out of the city, along the Stratford Road. After considering several properties in the Sparkhill area, a prime site was found at the junction of Stratford Road and Springfield Road in September 1922. The freehold property at the southern end of Sparkhill consisted of three shops, each with tenants having leases of different end dates. One of the shops was used as a temporary branch from December 1st 1922, and a permanent branch was opened on June 29th 1929 after possession of the other two shops was obtained, and a reconstruction carried out. The branch was originally given the nomenclature of Sparkhill, but this was changed to 'Springfield' when a branch was opened in April 1927, in the centre of Sparkhill and thus given that name.

Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 27th 1920


The following letter was received from Mr Wilde:


re 828, Stratford Road, Sparkhill.

In reply to your enquiry of today, the name of the Owner of the above Shop, recently in the occupation of the Birmingham Co-operative Society, is Mr L Morgan, Baker, 512, Stratford Road, Sparkhill.

Yours faithfully,

(signed) Frank Wilde.


144    RESOLVED:- That the Manager be instructed to obtain further particulars with regard to No 828 Stratford Road, Sparkhill, for submission to the Sub-Committee


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 26th 1920


On Minute No 144, the Manager reported that the premises No 828 Stratford Road had now been sold.


828, Stratford Road.


Further enquiries have been made with regard to the letting of this shop, but the Owner had concluded a contract to sell which will prevent the Bank taking advantage of the premises.


154    RESOLVED:- That Minute No 144 be discharged.


Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: March 21st 1921


Land, Stratford Road, Sparkhill.


An opportunity has arisen of securing a piece of land in Stratford Road (opposite Formans Road). The site would appear to be an excellent position for future Branch premises to serve the Hall Green and Sparkhill Districts, which are not in touch with the existing Branches.

It is understood that the Public Works Department propose at some future date to widen the Stratford Road at the point in question, and your Sub-Committee have directed the Manager to approach the latter Department with a view to the joint acquisition of the land referred to and the allocation of the same on similar lines to the course adopted in regard to the Grove Lane and Soho Road site, Handsworth.


Finance & General Purposes Committee: April 11th 1921


On Minute No 424, the Manager reported that he had approached the Public Works Department on the question of the joint acquisition of the land in Stratford Road, Sparkhill, opposite Formans Road. He understood that the land had an area of 655 square yards of which 335 square yards would be eventually required for road widening, leaving 320 square yards available for Branch Bank purposes.


It was estimated that the land could be acquired for £700, the proportion to be borne by the Bank being £342.


438 RESOLVED:- That consideration be adjourned pending an inspection of the site by the Members of this Sub-Committee, and that the Manager be instructed to arrange accordingly.


Finance &General Purposes Committee: May 9th 1921


On Minutes Nos 424 and 438 the Assistant Manager reported that members of the Sub-Committee had visited the site at corner of Oakwood Road, Sparkhill, and were of opinion that the same would be satisfactory for Branch Bank purposes. In view of the improbability of the proposed widening of Stratford Road at this point taking place for some time to come, the possibility of erecting a one storey building of a temporary nature up to the present building line was considered.


449 RESOLVED:- That the Chairman, Mr Councillor Appleby and the Manager be requested to confer with representatives of the Public Works &c Committee and ascertain their views on the suggestion to erect a building of a temporary nature up to the existing building line on the site in question, reporting thereon in due course.


The Sub-Committee's attention was called to premises 823, Stratford Road, in respect of which Mr Wilde had made enquiries on behalf of the Bank in October last. The owner was now prepared to sell the property for £500.


450 RESOLVED:- That consideration of the matter be adjourned until after the conference with representatives of the Public Works Committee had taken place with regard to the site at the corner of Oakwood Road, Sparkhill, referred to in Minute No 449.


464 RESOLVED:- That Minute No 450 (823, Stratford Road) be discharged.

Report of the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 23rd 1921


Land, Stratford Road. (Corner of Oakwood Road, Sparkhill).


Negotiations are in progress with the Public Works Department with reference to the joint acquisition of the above land. Your Sub-Committee have now authorised your Chairman, Mr Alderman Lovsey, and the Manager to confer with representatives of the Public Works &c Committee on the possibility of erecting a temporary building for Branch Bank purposes up to the existing building line in Stratford Road, it being understood that the required widening of the Road at this point will not take place for some time to come. When this widening takes place, the Bank would probably be in a position to consider the erection of a permanent building on the new building line.


Premises, 823, Stratford Road.


In October last, Mr Wilde, on behalf of the Bank, was authorised to make enquiries regarding the possible acquisition of the above premises for Branch Bank purposes and negotiations took place with the owner, which did not, however, materialise. The Sub-Committee are now informed that the owner is prepared to sell the property in question for £500. Pending, however, the outcome of the negotiations with the Public Works Department, referred to in the preceding paragraph, consideration of the matter has been deferred.

Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 10th 1921


On Minutes Nos 424 &449, the Sub-Committee were informed that Mr Councillor Appleby & The Manager had again inspected the land in Stratford Road, Sparkhill, and in view of no arrangement having as yet been arrived at between the Public Works Committee and the owner, they instructed Mr Wilde to make enquiries regarding certain premises on the main road in this locality.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 12th 1921


On Minutes Nos 424 and 449 (site, Stratford Road, Sparkhill) the Manager reported as follows:


Stratford Road, Sparkhill.


The position with the Public Works Department in this matter remains where it did. Mr Cornish offered in July to sell the freehold of land at the corner of Oakwood Road and Stratford Road for £660, the offer to remain open for one month.


Sparkhill Sites and Premises.


The enquiries made by Mr Wide have proved disappointing. A summary of his investigations shows as follows:


758 Stratford Road

Premises already dealt with.

823       "            "

Now occupied by a butcher.

794       "            "

Offered to the Bank at £975 leasehold. Declined.

In June last they were sold for £550.

796       "            "

Offered by Landlord at £725,

but tenant declines to make any arrangements to vacate.

442       "            "

Too near Sparkbrook Branch.

To be sold as a "going" concern for £1,200 or    £1,100 excluding fittings.

80 years' lease. Ground Rent £6.


548 RESOLVED:- That enquiries be continued for suitable premises in the Sparkhill locality.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 9th 1922


On Minutes 424 and 449 the Manager reported that nothing further had transpired with reference to the site at Stratford Road Sparkhill.


6          RESOLVED:- That the matter be deferred.

11 On Minute 548 (Premises at Sparkhill) the Manager reported that enquiries were proceeding but that there was nothing to report at present.


Bank Committee: September 25th 1922


The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Purchase of Premises 797, 799 and 801, Stratford Road, Sparkhill.


Your Sub-Committee report that during the vacation an opportunity occurred of purchasing suitable premises for Branch bank purposes in the Sparkhill District. The property in question, which is freehold, is situate at 797, 799 and 801, Stratford Road and consists of three shops and dwelling accommodation. Mr F Wilde, the Bank’s Valuer, was authorised by the Chairman of the Committee to purchase the property at a price not exceeding £2,800, and the same was eventually secured by Mr Wilde for £2,775.


Vacant possession of one of the shops (No 801) can be secured on completion, and this will enable a Branch to be opened in this district. The remaining two shops are let off on leases expiring in 5 years, the rentals at present being £27 per annum in the case of No 799, and in respect of No 797 £40 per annum until September 1923, £45 per annum for next two years and £50 per annum for remainder of the term. A portion of the remaining accommodation is let to the Springfield Social Club on a quarterly tenancy at a yearly rent of £84 plus rates. The total amount at present receivable in respect of let offs is thus £151 per annum.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that the Council be asked to approve of the purchase of this freehold property at the sum of £2,775 and that the Town Clerk be instructed, subject to such approval, to prepare and affix the Corporate Seal to any necessary document in the matter.


1224 RESOLVED: That the report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee be approved.

Report of the Bank Committee to the City Council: October 24th 1922




Your Committee have for some time being desirous of obtaining premises which would serve the purposes of a Branch Bank for the Sparkhill district, and have at last been successful in securing such premises.


The property is situate at the junction of Stratford Road, Springfield Road, and Grove Road, and consists of three shops with dwelling accommodation. The property is numbered 797, 799, and 801, Stratford Road, and is freehold.


The Committee are gratified that it has been possible to secure premises in such an excellent position, and that they will shortly be able to provide facilities for the residents of the Sparkhill and Hall Green districts, as it is proposed to open the new Branch at an early date.


P375: General Purposes Sub-Committee: November 20th 1922


The General Manager referred to the fact that the Sparkhill Branch would be opened on the 1st December 1922 and that this involved the appointment of a Branch Manager. He (the General Manager) proposed to transfer Mr Davies from Aston Branch to Sparkhill and to make other consequential changes, and advised that no new appointments of a Branch Manager be made at present, but that the officer selected to fill the vacancy be regarded as a clerk-in-charge until February next, when the General Manager would be prepared to recommend one of three officers for promotion.


191    RESOLVED:- That the General Manager's proposals be agreed to.


Finance Sub-Committee: November 27th 1922


The Sub-Committee were informed that the Chairman of the General Committee had accepted the tender of Messrs Cooke & Tremlett for required improvements to the sanitary accommodation at the Sparkhill Branch at the sum of £23. 0. 0.


109     RESOLVED:- That the Chairman's action in the above matter be confirmed.



Bank Committee: December 18th 1922


On Minute No 1223 (Purchase of 797, 799 and 801 Stratford Road) the Town Clerk presented the following report:


October 31st 1922

797, 799 & 801, Stratford Road.

Roberts to the Corporation.

I have to report that the purchase of the above property has now been completed in accordance with your instructions,

I have made the following payments:

    Purchase Money (less 10% deposit and Apportionments)  £2,492. 19. 1.

    Stamp Duty                                                                                         £28. 0. 0.


1275 RESOLVED:- That the report be approved and that Minute No 1223 be discharged.


Bank Committee: July 23rd 1923


1488 The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Rooms over 797, 799 and 801, Stratford Road.


An application has been received from the Springfield Social Club, who occupy the rooms over the above premises, to have the same redecorated. As it appears from a report by Mr Wilde that the rooms in question are badly in need of renovation, your Sub-Committee have agreed to certain work being carried out, and, subject to the same being executed to the satisfaction of Mr F Wilde, they have agreed to allow the sum of £10 towards the cost thereof.


1489 RESOLVED:- That the report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee be approved and the various actions therein referred to confirmed.


Continued ....