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In 1922, the freehold premises situated at 797-799-801 Stratford Road were purchased by the Bank for 2,775, possession of the small shop at number 801 was obtained, and a full-time, daily branch opened on December 1st. The three shops purchased by the Bank, were located on a valuable corner plot at the junction of the Stratford Road and Springfield Road. 797, the largest of the three units (a drapers) fronted the junction and boasted twin spires above the first floor rooms.
The rapid growth of the branch required additional accommodation to be provided, but the existing leases on the properties owned (797: to September 1927; 799: to June 1928) precluded any reconstruction being carried out immediately.
A substantial wooden building was erected on vacant land across the road to provide more room pending the release of numbers 797 and 799. This building was located at 874 Stratford Road, and business was conducted from there from June 8th 1926. The Annual Reports from 1923 to 1926 titled the branch as Sparkhill, but amended it to Springfield in 1927 following the purchase of 482 and 484 Stratford Road - -mile nearer the city centre, and nearer to the centre of the Sparkhill area.
The reconstructed premises (to a design by Harold Scott) at 797 Stratford Road were formally opened by the Bank's Chairman (Alderman Sir Percival Bower) on June 29th  1929. The reconstruction work was carried out by Ernest A Turner at a cost of 2,190.
The branch's prominent location on the busy Stratford Road proved to be a disadvantage during a foggy night in 1953. The Birmingham Mail of January 20th 1953 reported that Birmingham police guarded the doors of a branch of the Municipal Bank, at the junction of Stratford Road and Springfield Road, last night, after they had burst open, when a Corporation bus crashed into them in a dense fog. The driver and three passengers were slightly injured. Two refused treatment, but one was detained in hospital with head injuries. The driver, who climbed out of his seat through a side window, was treated at the General Hospital for facial injuries, and later discharged.
The premises at 797 to 801 Stratford Road, purchased by the Bank in 1922. The temporary branch (then known as Sparkhill branch) is on the left of the photograph
Temporary premises at 801 Stratford Road, with the door marked 'SPARKHILL BRANCH' ,
and the branch following the reconstruction of 797 to 801 Stratford Road
below (June 9th 1929):
official branch opening ceremony
Branch interior, 1929
the premises now house a branch of Lloyds TSB;
Stratford Road is on the left of the photograph,
Springfield Road on the right
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