The following pages provide information regarding the Bank's network of branches
 The Growth of Birmingham and the Bank's Branch Network  How the growth of the branch network mirrored the growth of the city
 BRANCH INDEX  Alphabetical listing of individual branch entries
 Key to Individual Branch Entries  Explanation of entries
 Branch Sort Codes  Description of system for identifying individual branches
 Location Maps:
 Four maps showing the location of individual branches
        in relation to Birmingham's Town Hall
 Branch Opening Hours  Historical record of branch opening hours
 Days when all Offices of the Bank are Closed  Closures for Bank Holidays etc
 Permanent Branches - Opening Dates  Chronological record of permanent branch openings
 Branches Outside the City  How Oldbury Urban District Council became the first area
outside the City of Birmingham to have a branch of the Bank
 Branch Openings and Numbers
 Year-by-year record of branch openings and closures;
       and summary of branch numbers
 Part Time Branches
 Details of branches that were initially opened on a Part Time basis
      including those opened as 'Evening Branches'
 Branch Managers  Lists of Branch Managers for specific years
 Branch Architecture  History re architects, designs, etc
 Extracts from the Minutes of the Bank's Management Committees
 detailing the history relating to the acquisition, construction, and
 refurbishment, etc of property acquired for the Bank's
 branch network
 Building Plans relating to the reconstruction of branch premises,
 submitted to the City Engineer & Surveyor's Office, as required
 by Birmingham's 'Bye-Laws for Regulating the Construction
 of New Streets and New Buildings'.
 Description of Accounting Procedures at Branches
 Deposit Ledgers:
 Extracts from Depositors' Personal Ledgers, used at the
     Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank and six branches
     of the Birmingham Municipal Bank, that show examples of how
     these bound manual ledgers were maintained
 Branch Tablets  Examples of branch commemoration tablets
 Branch Night Lights  Security measure for the police to monitor branches overnight
 Analysis of Branches by Deposit Balances  Classification by size
 Individual Branch statistics
 Branches that never came to fruition
 Instruction Manual issued to branches in 1960
An example of the wooden building used as temporary branch premises in certain locations,
prior to the establishment of a permanent branch, or during the reconstruction of a permanent branch